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If you didn't know already, Don Bluth is back. If you don't know who Don Bluth is, shame on you. He is making another movie with his partner Gary Goldman. The project is Dragon's Lair, which will be the film version of the animation they provided for the 1980 videogame of the same name.

However, the Kickstarter campaign they both launched back in October which was supposed to raise 550,000 dollars to cover the cost of a 'sizzle reel' of the film, has been cancelled. They fell short of their mark by roughly half.

So now they have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise 250,000 dollars to fund the 'sizzle reel.' A sizzle reel (as Bluth explained in his previous Kickstarter video) is a simple clip of animation showing off a brief moment of the film that is fully polished that can be given to producers, and studios to gain attention and interest in funding. Without it another Don Bluth film would not be possible. That would make me, and many other 30-year-old children cry really hard.

There is super good news, however. As of this writing, 65% of the 250,000 dollar campaign has already been funded in only 3 days! That's roughly 54,000 dollars per day! Good job, America. To top it off, there is still 42 days left in the campaign. Like, this movie is totally getting made now. I'm knocking on wood that they raise well over the 250k goal, and end up making a super kick ass 'sizzle reel,' that gets them funding from God.

You can view and donate to the campaign here:


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