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Read and enjoy. In the end, name your favorite facts. My favorites are the 49 and 50.

1.Loki's first appearance in the Marvel Universe was 13 years before Thor's first appearance.

2.Marvel was able to get around a law that increases taxes on toys that resemble humans, by saying on court that their X-men toys did not resemble humans because these toys we're mutants not humans.

3.Marvel continued to make Godzilla comics, in the 80s, even tough their license to publish these character comics had expired.

4. Captain America and Dr. Strange were once in a band with Linda Rondstadt and C-3PO from Star Wars.

5.Darth Vader was inspired by Marvels Dr. Doom.

6.There is a Marvel super hero called Squirrel Girl, who once beat Doctor Doom by flooding his aircraft with a swarm of squirrels.

7. Marvel has a superhero named Throg. He is a frog that has the power of Thor and is in a superhero group called the Pet Avengers.

8.In 2005, Stan Lee sued Marvel because he was hurt for Marvel Comics decision to keep profits from him over his 60 years with the company.

9.There was a 1995 issue of Punisher called The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe in which he killed every single Marvel superhero and villain, including himself.

10.In 1983, Marvel published a comic about Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham. He was a Spider-Pig named Peter-Porker.

11.In the 1970′s, Planned Parenthood teamed up with Marvel Comics to release the strangest Spiderman comic that discouraged teens from having unprotected sex.

12.Apart from writing for Marvel, Stan Lee also wrote 15 DC comics, reimagined popular superheroes like Batman and Superman

13.There is a fictional company in the Marvel universe called Damage Control. It specializes in cleaning up the mess that superheroes and super villains leave behind.

14. The rapper Eminem is a character in the Marvel universe.

15.Marvel created a character named Irene Adler after the Sherlock Holmes character, who was supposed to be Mystiques lover. Marvel wasn’t allowed to portray a gay relationship, so they made them to be friends, but later announced that they were a couple.

16.Marvel artist Wally Wood may be revered for his design of Daredevil’s signature red costume, but by many he’s also known as Dirty Wally Wood.Under the name Wallace Wood he turned to pornographic cartoons such as explicit versions of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and a Disneyland Orgy. He also did a randy version of Flash Gordon, Flasher Gordon and a comic book called Gang Bang..

17. Deadpool was originally created as a spoof of DC’s Deathstroke Slade Wilson.

18.Mr. Immortal is a Marvel character with no special powers except immortality. He has been killed in ways including shot, suffocated, stabbed, drowned, crushed, starved, dehydrated, exploded, poisoned, decapitated, irradiated and incinerated.

19.Spider-man married Mary Jane in 1987, for which Marvel held a publicity event featuring actors dressed like Spider-Man and Mary Jane getting married in Shea Stadium

20.Deadpool has regularly broken the fourth wall. He knew that he was in comic books. This was due to his Comic Awareness, which was a pun about Captain Marvels Cosmic Awareness.

21.Iron Man was created by Stan Lee as a challenge to create a hero that no one should like and force people to like him.

22.Despite all the Gods that roam the universe, Marvel Universe lived under one true God called One-Above-All

23.In 1996, Marvel and DC comics created Amalgam Comics that joined their two universes together, thus resulting in characters such as Darkclaw BatmanWolverine, Super Soldier SupermanCaptain America, and Iron Lantern Green LanternIron Man

24.In 2003, Marvel Comics announced it was planning to publish a five-part series entitled Di Another Day featuring a resurrected Diana The Princess of Wales, as a mutant with superpowers.

25.Dave Cockrum. Marvel artist. Resigned from Marvel in 1979. But whereas a resignation letter is usually a private correspondence, in this case the letter was printed in a comic.

Iron Man No. 127. Tony Stark’s butler, Jarvis, resigns after being abused by an inebriated and angry Stark. The letter says “I am leaving because this is no longer the team-spirited “one big happy family” I once loved working for.” The letter went on to say that the disintegration of moral at Marvel and the “unfair, malicious or vindictive treatment” of some individuals has lead to Cockrum not waiting “around to see what’s next.”The only change in the letter was the replacement of the word “Marvel” with “Avengers”. Three issues later in Iron Man No. 130, then writer David Michelinie explained to readers that the mistaken mix-up of the letters had happened ‘due to a production error’. But to this day, no one knows for sure.

26. Marvel married Cyclops and Jean Grey in the comics because they found out that the producers of X-Men: The Animated Series intended to have them wed in the show’s second season.

27.Marvel are basically required to publish comics featuring someone, anyone, called Captain Marvel in order to hold on to the trademark. The first Captain Marvel was introduced in the late ’60s when Marvel learned that DC was planning to revive Fawcett’s Captain Marvel from the ’40s, and could only hold on to the copyright if they were publishing a character with the name. When DC brought the character back, they ended up calling comics featuring him Shazam, since they couldn’t use Captain Marvel as a title.

28.During the production of the Avengers movie, they couldn’t get the Hulks roar to sound just right so they decided to supplement it with recordings of Lou Ferrigno bellowing as the original Hulk.

29.In 2002, a 4-year-old boy suffering from hearing loss didn’t want to wear a hearing aid because Super heroes don’t. To get him to wear his hearing aids, Marvel Comics created a super hero with a hearing aid called Blue Ear.

30.She-Hulk was created after Marvel learned of a plan to introduce a female Hulk in the popular Incredible Hulk tv series. They rushed the first issue of The Savage She-Hulk into production so they could hold the copyright and trademark.

31. Avengers writer Steve Englehart made a point of portraying Beast as a stoner in the ’70s, though he was not allowed to make direct references to drugs. Englehart had the character portrayed reading Carlos Castaneda books and listening to Stevie Wonder, which was meant to convey that he was a “young, intellectual guy who’d gotten hip.

32.Marvel Comics was prohibited from featuring werewolves in comics by the Comics Code Authority from 1954 through 1971. This pushed Marvel creators to be more imaginative, and resulted in the creation of Sauron, a character that’s basically a were-pterodactyl with vampiric powers, in the pages of X-Men in 1969.

33.The Human Torch was not used in the ’70s Fantastic Four cartoon because Universal Studios had licensed the character and blocked the use of him in the show, and not because the network was afraid children would light themselves on fire emulating the hero.

34.Larry Hama’s vision for G.I. Joe was originally intended as a new direction for Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.

35.Similarly, the backstory for Transformers and most of the original characters including Optimus Prime and Megatron, were created by Marvel editors Jim Shooter and Denny O’Neil along with writer Bob Budiansky.

36.Marvel Comics owned the rights to the word “zombie” from 1975 through 1996, when they realized it was impossible to enforce the trademark they registered Marvel Zombies.

37. Michael Jackson looked into buying Marvel Comics in the late ’90s because he wanted to play Spider-Man in a movie.

38. Hulk was given the name Robert Bruce Banner because Stan Lee accidentally wrote some comics with his name as Bob Banner rather than Bruce Banner, as he was originally introduced. Lee retroactively gave him the new name so both were correct.

39.Kitty Pryde was named after one of John Byrne’s classmates at the Alberta College of Art, but the real Kitty Pryde changed her name in the early ’90s to avoid unwanted attention from comics fans

40.Jim Shooter, Marvel’s editor-in-chief in the ’80s, bought the idea for Spider-Man’s black costume from a fan for $220, and gave the fan a shot at writing the comic, though that didn’t work out. The black costume was introduced as an alien “symbiote” and eventually became one of Spider-Man’s most famous villains, Venom.

41. Neal Tennant, the lead singer of the Pet Shop Boys, was an editor at Marvel’s U.K. office in the late ’70s.

42.When Nick Fury was recreated for Marvel’s “Ultimate universe” in 2000, creators Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch deliberately modeled the traditionally white character on Samuel L. Jackson. This led to Jackson eventually getting cast as Fury in the Marvel cinematic universe.

43.Marvel published the first issue of their adaptation of Star Wars in March 1977 with a July cover date, about two months before the movie was released in theaters.

44.Marvel had a rule in the mid-’70s that Wolverine did not have arm hair while in costume, but could have arm hair when he was in regular clothing.

45. Marvel Comics and DC Comics have co-owned the trademark for the phrase “super hero” since 1981. They pursued this action because the toy company Mego, which made licensed toys of DC characters, had beat them to it. Mego gave up the trademark when the two companies threatened legal action.

46. Stan Lee decided to put a hyphen in Spider-Man’s name so it would look different from Superman in print.

47.Wolverine was originally intended to be a genetically mutated wolverine rather than a human mutant. Stan Lee himself vetoed the idea.

48.Bill Sarnoff, the head of DC Comics’ parent company Warner Communications, approached Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter in 1984 about licensing the publishing rights to the entire DC Universe. Sarnoff figured that Marvel, who dominated the market at the time, were better suited to making successful comics featuring Batman, Superman, and the Justice League. Marvel’s publisher at the time, Jim Galton, declined Sarnoff’s offer, thinking that those comics weren’t selling well because the characters weren’t very good.

49.The Incredible Hulk, was acctually based on a woman. Jack Kirby heard of a woman who lifted a car to save her baby, and decided to make a character that, just like this woman did, was capable of doing the impossible.

50.When the Symbiote suit which takes over its host,was discarded by Spider-Man, writer David Michelinie didn’t know what to do with it. Eventually, he decided to give the suit to a woman.

But Michelinie decided that she needed to hate Spider-Man so much that she wanted to kill him, so he plotted out a story which, in true comic fashion, is massively convoluted.Brace yourself—this plotted version went as follows: a heavily pregnant woman is traveling in a taxi cab; Spider-Man distracts the driver, and the cab crashes into her husband. The husband dies in front of wife’s eyes, and she loses her baby due to the shock. She ends up institutionalized with mental illness, and promises herself that she’ll avenge the deaths of her husband and her baby.When Michelinie moved over to Amazing Spider-Man, he pitched that very idea to his boss, who said that the readers would never see a woman as a realistic physical threat to Spider-Man. Eventually, Michelinie came up with the character of Eddie Brock instead—the name eventually becoming synonymous with Venom.

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