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One of the biggest surprises this season on Once Upon a Time was the announcement of the villains coming back to the show for the 100th episode. The one on the top of the list was Robbie Kay, who played the clever and twisted Peter Pan.

While he has been working on the show Heroes: Reborn, he was more then happy to return to Once and play the iconic role. During a break from his busy TV work schedule, I got to sit down and talk to him about powers, friendships, and what it was like to become part of such iconic casts.

Photography by Shanna Fisher
Photography by Shanna Fisher

1. He was glad to become Peter Pan again

Well, right now, I'm not sure how much I can really say [about my return] because, obviously, that character's just surrounded in secrecy, but I was really excited to reprise that role again. That was quite a big announcement, they didn't tell me they were going to, so it's really cool to be able to give the fans something to look forward to with respect to that character. It's an exciting little arc, you're going to see a lot of cool interactions between him and other pretty interesting characters. I can't give away anything but it's gonna be a nice reveal in the 100th episode. It's gonna put a bit of an edge onto the story and raise the stakes a little bit as the role always does. It's gonna be a really exciting and edgy kind of comeback for him.

2. He may or may not be back for more than one episode

I can't say. It might be for one, it might be for more you'll have to wait and see.

3. He has a favorite version of 'Peter Pan'

I was a fan obviously of it, it was one of my favorite fairytales growing up, it was a great story. I liked that it did initially have kind of a dark tone on it. If you read the original J. M. Barrie "Peter Pan" he was... there was a quite dark tone to him. So people think that this Pan is a dark one, I think that it was darker then it was originally intended but there are reasons behind it. So that was really cool, Once Upon a Time's rendition of it.

4. He didn't know about Peter's reveal either

I didn't know. It took a couple of episodes before we all kind of realized what was going on and actually film it. It was a bit of a surprise, but a really cool one as well. It added a lot of age and maturity to that character which was helpful.

5. He wants to keep working on 'Heroes: Reborn'

Yeah, I would love to, it was probably the most fun I've ever had as a project basis. It's so cool the first time around so being able to come back around and do that again [would be] so much fun. So I would love to come back and reprise the role again if they decide to go for a second season. The ideas... there's a lot to be explored I think. Tim Kring has created this whole universe of these amazing characters with all these different qualities and powers so there really is no end to what [is possible] which I think is really really good thing going for it for sure. We'll see how the last episode pans out when we come back in January, I would love to.

6. His choice of superpower is ironic

It's funny, before my character's powers were revealed, I said time travel. Before I even started working on the show that was always my answer to if I had a power what would it be. It's hilarious that is what ended up happening to the character I was playing. What I loved about the characters is that they had a bit of a progression in there.
Photography by Shanna Fisher
Photography by Shanna Fisher

7. He has become a 'Heroes' fan

I didn't watch the show before. I went back and watched it. I think I binge watched the first season in about 4 days, it was ridiculous. After that, obviously, I was really really excited to get going.

8. The cohesion between the new and old 'Heroes' is interesting to him

[Tommy] started out with his mother, only showing kind of a glimpse of the character then going on more more revealed about [him]. They kind of lumped that mythology, sending powers down from generation to generation, still kind of having that same plot point. I thought it was really cool. The original slogan ["Save the cheerleader, save the world"] was so big I'm not sure we could live up to that one. Hiro Nakamuro does say "save our son, save the world" which I thought was a nice homage to the original.

9. The group atmosphere on 'Heroes' was fun for him

'Heroes' especially, we all really got on and bonded as a unit because we were all starting in the same point, season one. We all started out at the same hotel, we were all going out together and having fun before we even started filming which was so important. Even to this day we see each other all the time and we're a really close unit.

10. Robin Hood and Peter Pan are best friends

[During] 'Once Upon a Time's Sean Maguire and I actually lived together for a little while so I'm probably closest to him. I probably know him the best. Everyone on 'Once' is so lovely. When I went back not too long ago everyone was.. we had a nice little catch up.

11. He loves binge watching shows

I remember binge watching 'Breaking Bad'. I'm in the middle of watching 'Fargo' at the moment, which I am absolutely loving, I can't get away from it. I am getting close to the end and I don't want it to end.

12. Despite his affinity for it, fantasy is not his favorite genre

[Fantasy] is not my favorite genre, it's kind of just the way things turned out. My favorite genre, to me, is drama. Like really heavy, dark, sad drama. That's kind of what I started out doing with my first few films like 'Fugitive Pieces'. That really kind of edgy feel to it and to be honest I like anything that's got a really good script to it and a really good character. Anything genre related is just extra. I'm loving the cool sci-fi world I'm getting into with the series. Experiencing the fandoms and the hypes surrounding it. It's become a popular thing these days, superhero coming into the fray, every other show on television nowadays is some sort of superhero show, it's crazy. It's really an amazing genre.

13. He loves how passionate his fans are

It's more just general interactions that can be really really fun. When you're walking down the street or going shopping at the mall with your mates and all of a sudden out of nowhere someone comes screaming and going crazy and I don't understand it at all - I'm like "Why?" Every now and then it happens, it's hilarious. It's an interesting addition to my day. I love all the effort the fans do, the contributions on twitter and Instagram... the fan art is so cool.

14. He can't wait to share more of his work in the future

I only recently got finished filming 'Heroes." I haven't hopped onto another project just yet. Obviously we've got 'Once Upon a Time' in the new year. There is nothing currently in the pipelines, I'm kind of looking at some interesting projects that are floating around everything is kind of quiet since we have Thanksgiving and Christmas so it's kind of died down a little bit. I'm hoping to pop onto some new projects in the new year. I did a film,'Cold Moon', a year ago, which is in post-production at the moment and will be going on the kind of film festival circuit in the new year, hopefully going into 2016, so I have that to look forward to.

Robbie is definitely down to earth, with a great sense of humor and someone who is passionate both about his work, and the joy it brings to others. His characters are diverse, and show that he is more than just a hero or a villain. With a great sense of humor, and the length he goes to for his roles and research, he is clearly passionate in what he does and giving each role everything he has. He is someone who will be amazing to watch as he grows in the industry.

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