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Tom Holland didn't have an easy time of it when he was recast as our third Spider-Man in 15 years. Not that fans hated the choice (though there was a very vocal crowd that felt Marvel dropped the ball by not casting Dylan O'Brien), it was that they didn't really feel anything about the casting at all. We're all suffering from a bit of Spider-Man fatigue, even those of us (*points to self*) who are big Spidey fans.

But since then, Holland has steadily continued to win over fans through a combination of young Peter Parker-like boyish enthusiasm and his clear love of the character shining through. I mean, this is the guy, after all, who posted a picture with the Spider-Man shirt he cherished as a little kid and his mom has kept for him all these years:

We've all seen his acrobatic skills, and found out he learned his backflipping tricks during his run on Billy Elliot The Musical in London. But something fans have been wondering is what Spider-Man storyline Marvel is going to borrow from for the standalone movies. With Marvel announcing that it's going to be a high school age Peter Parker, most guessed it would be the Ultimate storyline. And a recent interview with Collider seemed to confirm this, with Holland saying that was his favorite arc:

"There’s lots of things I didn’t know about him. I mean, there’s so many different versions of his story, and my favorite of which at the moment is the Ultimate Spider-Man. And the one thing I’m really excited about is that he’s not a superhero that’s on his own, you know? He has connections with some of the most powerful people in this Marvel Universe so I’m quite excited to explore that and see if Marvel will go down that route, you know? Which I’m sure they will. I mean, if they’ve got all these incredible characters at hand, I mean, why not use them, you know?"

It makes sense that this will be the storyline that Marvel will (probably) loosely adapt. Especially as Holland is basically the Ultimate version of Peter Parker already...

But even though we won't see Holland's debut as Spider-Man until this May's [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), Holland has already teamed up with fellow Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth for In the Heart of the Sea. Our webhead already got the God of Thunder to strike a playful Spidey pose with him on their way to the premiere.

Totally underrated fact about Holland, but I'm glad that we finally have a Spider-Man who actually fits his traditional physical mold. While both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were great in their own incarnations, Maguire was the right height but a bit too stocky, whereas Garfield had the lean muscle but was a bit too tall. It will be great to finally have a small, naturally athletic Spidey bouncing around amongst the brawny bros of the MCU.


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