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I feel that Don should just close the story with this last movie (Chuck 7) and get started on a serious reboot. As a passionate Child's Play fan, I must say, the true horror and seriousness of Chucky went down the drain as "Bride of Chucky" and "Seed of Chucky" happened. As 27 year old fan, I was very disappointed. Specially when "Seed of Chucky" happened. After these two movies came out, the things I hear people say about the famous killer doll were no longer the same. Example "Chucky is very funny" instead of "Chucky is terrifying". I Loved the first Child's Play not only because of the killer doll but the scene where Kerrin talks to Andy in his bed room after the death of her best friend, the son trying to warn his mother about his doll being alive and the mother denying her son's claim as she get more worried about what Andy is saying... That scene Deserves an Oscar. Not only was the scene perfect but it always gives me goosebumps. To me, that scene was the heart of the movie. In conclusion, if Don is willing to make a reboot, (starting from zero) he should serve justice on the Horror Table. Meaning, make it as disturbing and terrifying as the first and make sure the Comedy come to an End for the next Chucky films. As a fan, I will always Love Chucky as a Horror Movie Slasher.

PS. I did not like how the cop or detective who kills Chucky was taken out of the story till "Curse of Chucky" came out and Kerrin ending up in a mental hospital was not a proper ending for her. She deserved a sequel with her son...shame on you... And the best Chucky puppet is of "Child's Play 2".

This is the definition of terrifying.


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