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As of now, we've had two great Spider-men in live-action adaptations. Tobey Maguire in the Sam Raimi trilogy, Andrew Garfield in the Marc Webb series, and we will see Tom Holland make his first appearance as the web-slinger in next years Captain America: Civil War. Casting for this character is no joke, and we've had plenty of people considered for the role. Some more surprising than others. Let's go down the list of the people I could scrounge up.

Michael Jackson

Man, we're already starting off on an interesting note! For those of you that didn't know, Michael Jackson actually tried to BUY Marvel in the 90s in order to play the character. While we can all agree it's a pretty drastic way to be able to play a character, it obviously fell through and didn't happen. Though it would've been cool seeing Spider-Man moonwalk up a wall. Just saying.

Jake Gyllenhaal

This was actually very close to happening. After Tobey Maguire had suffered a back injury, Jake was told to suit up for the sequel. He even started going through extensive training for the role. However, Maguire (obviously) recovered in time to continue the franchise. Sorry Jake, guess it wasn't meant to be.

Charlie Sheen

Yes, the "Rock star from Mars" himself also tried securing the rights to the character, even saying at one point that he himself was perfect for the role. However, this never came to fruition.

Edward Furlong

While I'm sure about 95% of us don't know who Edward Furlong is by name (and would most likely not recognize him when seeing recent pictures), he played young John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The movie was going to be directed by James Cameron, and would even have Furlong's former co-star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to portray Doc Ock.

Leonardo DiCaprio

As the Sam Raimi films were approaching, there was an extensive search to find actors for the role. Leonardo was no exception, and was up for the role for the second time, the first occassion being on Cameron's project. As good as Leo is, I just could not see this working out that well. That's just my thoughts, though.

James Franco

Apparently, James Franco also auditioned for the role of Peter Parker. But obviously, he got the role of Peter's friend, Harry Osborn. Which is probably for the better. Franco has the mean look, which wouldn't work for nerdy Peter Parker.

Aaron Taylor Johnson

Aaron is a magnet for superhero roles. He played Kick-Ass in the movie Kick-Ass, Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and even had a shot at playing Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man series. You lucky S.O.B.

Josh Hutcherson

Josh was another one of the many actors to be considered for the role in the Marc Webb series. While it didn't happen, at least he still had the role of Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games movies. Though lucky for us, his audition tape was released online. Check it out if you'd like.

Michael Cera

Seriously? I mean don't get me wrong, he's not a bad actor. He's also got a charm to him. But I just cannot for the life of me picture him as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Peter is supposed to be nerdy, but not that nerdy. Also his voice is very soft, which would simply not work well.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Another actor who was up for the role in the Marc Webb series. Really, they just tried to scrounge up as many good looking relevant actors as their possible candidates - which isn't really a bad idea I suppose. You also can't help wonder what it'd be like if Levitt was actually cast. Hey, at least you got that role of (sort of) Robin in The Dark Knight Rises. Small miracles, I guess.

Robert Pattinson

Believe it or not, the super shiny vampire Robert Pattinson was considered for the role. Whether you love or hate this thought (though I assume it's the latter), it obviously didn't pan out. Maybe it had to do with him being associated with the Twilight franchise, and his casting would've cast an uproar among fans.

Taylor Lautner

Looks like Robert wasn't the only pretty face from the Twilight series to be considered. As opposed to Robert, I shudder at the thought of this happening. I mean, I'm sorry but has he been good in anything? This is the choice I'm the most thankful for not having happened.

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter as Peter Parker, who would've thought? Not that it's such a bad idea, but like many of the actors considered, he doesn't exactly look like a teenager anymore (unlike in his glory years on the Harry Potter franchise). Is it that hard to find someone who actually looks like a teenager?

Donald Glover

Finally, some diversity. It was rumored that the next Spider-man reboot would feature Miles Morales, as opposed to the well known Peter Parker. Donald's name has popped us plenty of times when there were talks of casting this character. Glover even stated himself that he thought he would amazing for the role. I'm sad this never got to happen, since I'm personally sick of movies retelling Peter Parker's story.

Grant Gustin

That's right, when looking for people for the Sony/Marvel reboot, Grant was apparently a contender - which is honestly a great choice. He most definitely has a Peter Parker look, and could very well pull off the sarcastic Spidey. Plus, so what if he didn't get it, he's The Flash! Which depending on your perspective is a better option.

There you have it, folks. These are 15 actors that were almost cast as our friendly neighborhood Spider-man. Don't get me wrong, there were many actors I could've put on this list, but it would've gone way too long (and I have neither the time nor the drive to make a list of 100 Actors Who Were Almost Cast As Spider-Man). These were the 15 I found to be the most interesting out of all the candidates. If I had to pick, it'd definitely be Donald Glover starring as Miles Morales.

Who would you pick from this list? Or do you have someone else in mind? Let me know in the comments, and follow my page for more content if you'd like.


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