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Let's face it, Marvel's two Netflix series to date have both been hits - whether you're talking the brutal violence of Daredevil or the psychological thrills of Jessica Jones. But, whereas have announced a 2nd Season of Daredevil within eleven days of the first series being released, there's still no news on Jessica Jones Season 2.

In fact, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has cast some doubts over it. Speaking to Variety, she said:

"Marvel has a lot going on. So does Netflix. So I don't know if a second season fits into this schedule, when, whether or not we'll get one. I don't know any of that."

As anyone who's watched the series will know, it leaves a lot of loose threads, setting up a potential second arc in which the titular hero investigates her own origins. But perhaps the problem is that any sequel would necessarily have a vastly different style; with Kilgrave out of the picture, it would be pretty hard to create such a successful sense of psychological horror. Jessica Jones Season 2 would be a very different beast.

Thankfully, of course, this is nowhere near the last we'll be hearing of Jessica Jones herself. She's sure to crop up in the Luke Cage series (it does star her boyfriend, after all!), and has a guaranteed slot in . So it's entirely possible that those loose threads will still be tied together.

Sadly, it's looking increasingly unlikely that we'll be seeing a second Jessica Jones season anytime soon.


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