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No, this isn't an actual news article with any relevant or factual information. Just the fevered imaginations of a die hard fan. Who doesn't like Ridley Scott? Anyone? Buhler? Yeah I thought so. So what's with all the sequel bashing going on lately? Prometheus? Awesome. I mean, of course, there's been bad sequels in our lives, but there's been some awfully good ones too. And when there's something good like the Alien franchise that people sit in their living rooms and binge on twice yearly just to be a part of that world for just a little while (take a breath), a sequel makes A LOT of sense. This is a no brainer folks. For the studios AND the fans. Like my compatriots, I want Geiger Esque aliens stalking human prey, I want acid blood, I need to see Sigourney Weaver be the penultimate badass, I want to hear Bill Paxton flip out... I swear it never gets old. And Blade Runner? Forget about it. The futuristic, noir melodies of Vangelis haunt my dreams. And I want the chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!! WHILE EATING NOODLES! And if you don't believe me, give me a Voight-Kampff test. Your disbelief will disappear like tears in rain. And if I could get a Rutger Hauer (or any Nexus series) going up against an Alien queen I think I'd stain my star wars undies.

And with Ridley Scott, who could complain? Ok, Ok I'll admit, Alien VS Predator is non canon. But the idea was great, even if it turned out so so (Ridley Scott was not involved in those). But put a reference to Tyrell Corp or Replicants into an Alien movie and I think my head will explode. Show some backstory as Weyland and Tyrell were colleagues with different visions and I'll die happy. Make a reference to a highly advanced predator civilization being out there and that would be Uber Cool (No, not the taxi service). Do the Engineers know of the Predator civilization? This is the stuff that Geekdom lives for. Please Ridley Scott, tie in Blade Runner to your next Alien movies? Whether it's the prequels or Alien 5, It would just grow the awesome. With Blade Runner 2 coming out, you could give your fans a mainline injection of "HELL YEAH!" We already know that the worlds of Alien and Blade Runner are the same. We know Replicants work as slave labor on far distant planets with inhospitable environments. Did Weyland steal some of Tyrell's work to create his Androids? Vice Versa maybe with Tyrell's replicants? Since they are in the same world (universe), they must share some of the same basic technology, even though, at Tyrell, we all know their goal is "More human than human". Replicants are genetically based human counterparts, and engineered to be super human and nigh indestructible with a built in shortened lifespan and the liabilities (advantages?) of human emotions. Whereas, the milk blooded, soft spoken, sometimes psychotic androids in Alien are almost as easy, if not easier, to kill than a human, but they're great for a little game of knife between the fingers! There are fellow geeks out there that discuss these topics ad nauseum, so there's probably a lot more information out there than I possess. What effect would Alien blood have on a Replicant? Since they are genetically based, could an Alien gestate inside of them? What would a Replicant/Alien hybrid (perish the thought) be capable of? We know Replicants can withstand unthinkable cold, but Aliens can't, hmmm. I want to hear any and all theories on how the worlds of Alien and Blade Runner could intersect, whether anyone other than me would absolutely love to see the two worlds crossover, and what you would like to see if they did. Viva La Sequels! (The good ones at least)


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