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Timmy Doop

American Ultra was amazing. Well that does it, post over. No! I can't end it here, I have to tell you why it was amazing.

Explosive Language

There are plenty of EXPLOSIONS and a scene with fireworks! Who the f*ck doesn't like fireworks!? There is also a lot of foul language, but what would you expect, being such a gory movie.


Speaking of gore, being as you can't kill people on a movie, of course, it was CGI. It doesn't take away from the movie.... Much. You can tell its CGI but really when you shell out for such an All-Star cast it is to be expected. Which leads us to...

All-Star Cast

Kirsten Stewart (Twilight, Catch That Kid), Jesse Eisenberg (Now You See Me, Zombieland), Topher Grace, (That's 70s Show, Spider-Man 3), and Walter Goggins (Justified, Drive Angry, The Shield) to name a few star in this movie. They live up to their names, and to me, it makes up for the sh*tty CGI.

I was going to give you some examples of the CGI but It would take too long so... Here's a picture of a cat.


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