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There are some film series that usually take too long to complete the chain and finish the story, National Treasure just happens to be one of those franchises that seems to have this issue. The action-adventure film franchise starring Nicholas Cage as a modern-day treasure hunter is one of the many films that made Cage a household-name. But these days, he's slowed down and is starring in fewer films. However, National Treasure could still be a viable brand if it took to the small-screen as a TV series. At this point, a tv show seems like the best option since the 3rd film seems likely to be canned after being delayed for a prolonged period of time.

Here's the plot synopsis from the first film:

Historian and code-breaker Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) has been searching his whole life for a rumored treasure dating back to the creation of the United States. Joining an expedition led by fellow treasure hunter Ian Howe (Sean Bean), Gates finds an ice-locked Colonial ship in the Arctic Circle that contains a clue linking the treasure to the Declaration of Independence. But when Howe betrays him, Gates has to race to get to the document ahead of his so-called colleague.

National Treasure actually lends itself to a tv show format since there are multiple stories that could be told over the course of a season due to the historical nature of the movies and the ideas presented within them. Despite its similarities to Indiana Jones and other properties focusing on like-minded subject matter, National Treasure could find a way to standout on network television and provide an exciting weekly adventure series that could be enjoyed by its targeted demographic and casual viewers.

As for how the series could be set up, they could choose to focus on a younger version of Nicholas cage's character or simply put a new character in the role as the main character. The possibilities for stories are almost limitless since the films emphasized American history, World history, and other ideas, all of which could be used to shape the focus of each season. While there is a chance for a TV series to succeed, there is also the possibility that it could fail miserably and be a huge disaster. However, if the right team gets a hold of the project, then there is hope for a long-running series loved by critics and casual viewers. Maybe this option might be on the table if the rumored third installment becomes another cancellation announcement followed by a proposed TV series, but we'll see what happens.


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