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An idiot, with a laptop!
Declan Robin Garrison

So I have been a big film and TV fan my entire life.

I'm subscribed to countless YouTube Channels that talk purely about movies and tv. (Screen junkies, Schmoes Know, Chris Stuckmann, ect.)

After about four years I've always though about starting my own channel.

I didn't want to be another troll behind the space bar.

I also have won awards in my small town for film making and writing.

So I finally decided to do it, I made a channel. My other film friends are gonna help out too. I want to collaborate with other creators and reviewers as well.

Below you will find our first two videos with some context. Please Click Subscribe, for just a week or two to see if you like what were doing.

Our first video says "Everything Popculture" at the begging, that was going to be the original name before we decided to change it to Film Culture.

So please click subscribe and give us a chance.

Sincerely, One creator to another.


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