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My overall favorite side-kick is someone you can't find in any movie. You can't even necessarily have proof that he's a real side-kick but he's real to me and that's what matters. I grew up in a very strange way being tested and knocked down many times. There even became a time I thought I had no purpose here anymore. The one thing I always persistent at though was this; to care and act out of nothing but love. Or at least know that I've done my best. If you're wondering who this side-kick is, he is God. No other name, (except G-Man as my personal nickname for him) , yes I do believe in multiple gods but the main man I feel the closest connected to is undoubtedly him. I'm not some crazy bible thumper either with all these bizzare logistics that the bible has put into peoples minds. I just simply think of god as ever evolving just like us. So who knows there might of been a time when he thought gay marriage wasn't cool but guess what? He got over it and eventually so did we. Basically I'm what I'm trying to say that is if you pick God as your sidekick in life and do your best to act out of love instead of fear as your overall emotion you will live a happy life. Take care of this dying earth because we are all living and we can't just take care of ourselves (the human race) and no one else forever. There's a whole planet of living things here that we need to survive off of. Be there for others when they need you the most. Don't go after something just for power. Show others light even if they are undeserving. I know I most likely won't win this contest because I feel like I went way off topic but I wanted to try because this b-BB-8 looks awesome and would be an amazing Christmas present for my little brother who is a die hard Star Wars fan! I of course would loveee one but I'll get mine when I'm supposed to, I spazzed out when I saw it!! Lots of potential with this little gadget!


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