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Yes, you read it right, a new batman game is set to release in 2016. Amidst all that happened at Game Awards 2015 such as Hideo Kojima banned from attending the ceremony by lawyers and Deadmau5 performing live, TellTale Games showed a teaser for their upcoming untitled batman game which is set to release in 2016, no specific date was given.

The Trailer:

The trailer does not reveal much about the game, it talks about the night Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered and later shows a matured Bruce Wayne and a news reporter even calls him the "most eligible bachelor". The trailer ends and shows a batman symbol. Later Kevin Bruner, Co-Founder and CEO of TellTale Games said "this iteration of Batman will give fans a first hand opportunity to dive deeper into the complex life and mind of Bruce Wayne, the durability of his own identity and the struggle of responsibility in saving a city overcome with corruption and villainy". They also said that they have been working closely with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment to deliver the best batman experience ever.


Well, sounds great, after Rocksteady (creators of Arkham game series) stated that Arkham Knight would be the last batman game they left batman fans in shock and wondered what would happen in the future. But, the future looks secure now. TellTale Games have an unbeatable reputation and are known to deliver the best gaming experience and an epic story line, plus Warner Bros Montreal (creators of Arkham Origins) said they too were working on 2 new games, rumors suggest the games are a Superman game and a Justice League game.

Plus, it looks like we will finally be able to play as Bruce Wayne and not only batman which was lacking in the earlier batman games. TellTale are also working on a Marvel game stated to release in 2017.

The game will release on consoles, PC and even mobile devices. If you have any questions you can ask them here or on Twitter(@kam_1004000), for more awesome posts click the follow button. Check out the trailer below.


Are you excited for the new batman game?


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