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This is a movie I've been wanting to see for MONTHS, but it kept getting pushed back until it finally got a limited release in Canada this weekend. Now that I've had the chance to see it, here is my review on it. Let's jump right in!

So the story is set in 1960's London's and the story is that the criminal underworld is under the control of gangster twins Ronald "Ron" Kray and Reginald "Reggie" Kray. Reggie was the calm and charming voice of reason while Ron was a paranoid schizophrenic with a taste for violence. Both are portrayed by Tom Hardy, yet the performance is so incredible that it's hard to believe that it's the same actor playing both twins.

However, for a movie about a pair of brother gangsters who used violence as a way to get what they wanted, the only time they beat up anyone is within the first fifteen minutes. Now violence doesn't determine the quality of a movie, but for one that's sold itself as a hardcore gangster flick, this one is more of a dramatic thriller than an over-the-top shoot-and-beat-em-up fest.

That being said, the acting in this movie is superb with each actor putting their hearts into the characters they are portraying, especially Tom Hardy since he has to play brothers whose personalities are polar opposites. The bond that the Krays share is so strong that you buy into their relationship and believe that the real-life counterparts got along.

Although, there are two problems that this movie suffers from; slight sloppy writing and uneven pacing. There are a lot of lines that are great, Ron is probably the funniest character I've seen Tom Hardy portray and you're definitely going to be quoting some of them to your friends after seeing the movie. But there's other times where you wish the conversation that's happening onscreen would just end because it's just boring you, and you just want to see Ron freak out and hit somebody. Not only that but the pace of the movie is either too fast or too slow, it does balance itself out here and there but overall it's an uneven slope.

In brief

'Legend' has been a long time coming and it's been worth the wait, even if it's not 100% what I expected it to be. I was expecting to put this on my Top 10 Movies of the Year, but at this point it might be more suited for a Top 12. It does seem like I'm hating on this but it's actually worth checking out, just not as an action flick. The acting is great, Tom Hardy's performance is phenomenal and when the action does hit, it hits hard.

Have you seen 'Legend'? What are your thoughts? Comment down below or send me a tweet at @CanadaComicNerd. Also, if you want to read more, click right here!


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