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Today the CW dropped a new trailer for their upcoming super hero-team-up show "DC´s Legends of Tomorrow".

While this trailer is considerably shorter than the first one that popped up a few weeks ago, we get to see new footage in the form of Vandal Savage giving a speech to a group of people and a third version of Rip Hunter´s line "You are legends". Seriously, when are they going to settle on the version of that dialogue?

It is also noticeable that Ray Palmer, a.k.a The Atom isn´t very excited about his teammates, since he points out their group includes a "lost assassin" and a "pair of good-for-nothing criminals". This is supported by Captain Cold hitting him in the first complete trailer released, mentioned above.

Overall, this is a pretty standard trailer that doesn´t clear things any better than the first one did and its purpose is to keep teh series alive in the viewers´ minds.

"DC´s Legends of Tomorrow" is set to premiere on January 21st of 2016, exactly 1 month, 15 days from today.

What do you think of the constant stream of content we´ve gotten so far for this show?


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