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Back in February of this year I was fortunate enough to win the People's Pundit for Action Films competition that was put on by VUE Cinemas.

What this meant was that I was to review action films that were released and then they would be put up on the VUE website. Now this quickly changed to me being able to review any film I watched (purely because they underestimated the amount of films I was looking forward to seeing.

Now I'll be completely honest with you. I have used this pass a lot over the last 9 months. I forgot to mention that the other part of the prize was that I was awarded this

Which got me and 1 other person in for free for a year. It also works with the VIP seats and 3D films.

Th best example of me using this pass was probably when Star Wars the Force Awakens tickets went on sale. I walked into the cinema like a man with purpose in his stride and said "I would like to book tickets for Star Wars my good man" to which I was asked "on the what date would you want?"

And with a glint in my eyes, without a hint of smugness I said "ALL THE DAYS".

In actual fact it was for 4 days. 2 showings in 3D and 2 in 2D. Now these tickets would have cost in total approx £100.00 which is great when they're free, not so much when paying for them.

so here is my issue, once this pass ends I will be terribly sad that I have to pay again. ( believe me I have tried everything to get it extended for longer) The way that cinemas are going at the moment it's the cost of a ticket, it won't be long before they start having to close them.

Would it not be in the interest of the cinemas to reduce the cost of the tickets slightly to make them a little bit more affordable. I know that the ticket prices feed back to the studios, which in turn helps them to make bigger and better movies, but you would have thought that they would like that to be so over a longer period of time.

Most cinema you go to now you would be looking at a minimum £9 just for a standard ticket. Add in the VIP seats they offer and if it's 3D and you're shelling out £13-14 before you've added refreshments on top.

I think it could be reduced without them losing out too much as there is a cinema in Bristol called The Orpheus (cool name right) that has been around for years. It only has 3 screens but they show 3D films and have the latest releases. A ticket for a film will cost you £5.25 for an adult and £4.25 if you are under 14.

The refreshments that they have are all reasonably priced and are generally the same as if you were buying from a shop.

The reason that I don't want cinemas to go under is because I can't think of a better way to watch a film. That feeling of being completely swept up by the film that is being shown on a screen as big as a house, with surround sound so it sounds like the spaceship is flying around behind your head is one of the best things in the world (that may sound dramatic but I do love the cinema).

What I hope is that there are still plenty of cinemas around when my kids are older and they want to go more. My little girl is 5 and going to the cinema with her is one of my favourite things. When we took her to watch Frozen she was completely spellbound and I kept glancing at her and she just had this really happy little smile on her face, that's the feeling that going to the cinema should give you. Not that you're not sure when you can go again because the prices have gone up again.

My little boy will be 2 in May so he's a bit young yet but once he's old enough I can't wait to take him. In fact he might just be old enough by the time Avengers Infinity Wars starts.

In an ideal world the cinema and studio bosses would read this and say "He actually has a point" and reduce the prices a little. In reality they won't do that and we will still keep paying to go because when it comes down to it....

...we just love going to the cinema and we will always love films.

Now if you'll excuse me I have 3 months of free films to plan out.

Thats all for now.

See you soon.


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