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Lee Westney

So, on the way to work the other day (4 days ago to be precise) I was thinking about when The Force Awakens and working out how many days it would be. When I totalled it up it worked out as 13 days and with it being Xmas I thought why not have a bit of fun.

I'm four days in now so apologies for jumping in at day 4. Here is my version of the 12 days of Christmas, with a Star Wars twist and 13 days because that's how many were left when I thought of it.

Ok, here it is so far.

In the countdown to Star Wars, JJ gave to me,

4 Troopers Storming,

3 Kylo Rens,

2 AT-ATs walking

and The Force Awakens in 3D.

I'll be back every day until I the release date to add in the next one.

Thats all for now.

See you soon.


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