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Hello everyone! We are CALAMARO GIGANTE PICTURES, a new independent and very low budget film production company from Sicily, Italy. My name is Fabrizio La Monica and I am the director/screenwriter of this film production company and the creator of THE PET, the first short film from our group.

I have a great love for '70s and '80s horror movies, I tried to honor them with THE PET by creating a film that included themes of mutation, violence and sheer madness.


A man walks down the street, one which transmits an aura evil and perversion. Every dog in the neighborhood is consumed by this evil... What is the man carrying inside his backpack? Who is waiting for him at home? Or "what" is waiting for him?

You can watch 'THE PET' in it's entirety HERE.

If you'd like to see more of our work please subscribe to out YouTube channel!

We are a still an unknown group and hope that you can appreciate our work. If you enjoyed THE PET (or our other feature films) please share them with your friends and help us spread the horror all the way from our beautiful island.

Thanks for watching!


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