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If you're not excited by reading that headline then you should be. Telltale Games are resurrecting the classic point-and-click adventure game for modern times, and their next game is going to let you be Batman!

So what, you might be thinking. If you've played Rockstar's epic Arkham series of games then you've been able to be the caped crusader for years now. What's different about Telltale's version?

Batman in Arkham City
Batman in Arkham City

Well we don't have any details about the upcoming game just yet, but if Telltale's previous efforts are anything to go by, this one is going to be very different from the Arkham series.

Telltale are the minds behind some brilliant games including A Wolf Among Us, Game Of Thrones and most famously The Walking Dead. These games were based on existing properties: A Wolf Among Us was adapted from the Fables comic, The Walking Dead was adapted from the comic of the same name, and Game Of Thrones was based on the TV series (as opposed to the Song Of Ice And Fire books) and even had the actors from the HBO series voicing their roles!

Telltale's Game Of Thrones
Telltale's Game Of Thrones

Previously the games have used the existing universe and characters of the source material, but both The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones invented a new character (or characters) for you to play. This resulted in a brand new story but would see you occasionally interacting with or intersecting with the characters and plots you know and love from the source material.

Telltale's games are point-and-click adventure games but they are a long way away from the mind-aching puzzles and endless side quests that those of us who grew up with such games remember. Instead, they focus on the choices you make as your character, and those choices change who your character is, how others interact with them, and ultimately what your ending will be.

This was brilliantly done in The Walking Dead, one of my favourite games of all time. The game made it feel as if you really were making life or death decisions, and was so well scripted and acted that it played out like a great film (or a better comparison would be a TV show, since the game is released in separate "episodes").

Telltale's The Walking Dead
Telltale's The Walking Dead

I hope that Telltale will let us play as Batman/Bruce Wayne in this upcoming game rather than a new character. As great as the Arkham games were, I can imagine there will be a lot more sleuthing for the world's greatest detective in Telltale's version, and undoubtedly plenty of moral dilemmas for Gotham's vigilante protector to deal with.

I'll be honest, I hoped Telltale's next release would be series 3 of The Walking Dead, but the fact that the next game will be focused around Batman is exciting. I can't wait to don the cowl when it's released next year. To whet your appetite, check out this teaser video for the as-yet-untitled game that was shown at The Game Awards 2015:


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