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Fallout 4 was only recently released and people are still talking endlessly about the game. It's an insanely huge post-apocalyptic RPG that has our protagonist in search for his kidnapped son. Along the way, we meet crazy personalities, obtain obscure weapons and battle crazy radiated creatures that will try kill you any chance they get. I'm looking right at you, Deathclaws. Damn you!

This brings me on to think, could this game work as a movie? The story and universe is fantastic and the only slight concern with the game is the graphics, but that's something we wouldn't have to worry about in a movie (unless there was an over-use of CGI). So lets delve in to why I think a Fallout movie could work!

1. People love a post-apocalyptic world

Only recently, Will Smith came out and said his most successful film was I Am Legend, and that's no surprise because everybody loves a good post-apocalyptic film. Think of I Am Legend, Zombieland and the Fallout-esque film, The Book of Eli. There's just so much emotion and tension in all of these films because you never know who you can trust. Things aren't as they appear. A nice little girl could be part of an extremist cult and a shady looking biker could actually become your best friend. These type of uncertainties play with the viewer's head and make them question every single encounter.

I really feel like this dynamic would work perfectly in a film. Imagine this story condensed to 2 hours with a pace that never dragged. We would constantly be on the edge of our seats!

2. The setting would be fresh for movies

Sure we've seen the tale of the present day hero becoming the last man on Earth with novelties like a mobile phone and things like that, whereas the setting for Fallout is totally unique. It seems as if the world is stuck in the decade of the 50's/60's. The cars have the coolest cars have ever been (I think!) and the music is just amazing.From Louis Armstrong to Dean Martin and other fantastic artists, the soundtrack used in this series is unreliably good. I can see these songs fitting perfectly with the desolate landscape being an instant hit in film. After all, the use of classic songs in films have definitely become more appreciated in recent years (Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Guardians of The Galaxy, Silver Linings: The Playbook).

3. The characters could be iconic with a good cast

Fallout has the excitement of having fantastically written characters throughout the wasteland that are just waiting to be fleshed out on the big screen. For the lead survivalist, I would place a Jon Hamm/Ryan Gosling/Matthew McConaughey type character for a male, and then if it was a woman, I'd put Eva Green or Emily Blunt in the desolate land to explore.

Some characters in the games look crazy, which could be manipulated with good make-up, and some characters are just insane in personality! This completely opens the door for some show stealing cameos.

4. Weapons, weapons, weapons

I don't think I can remember a film that had 15+ cool, unique weapons that all haddifferent type shots and all have their own strengths. This is a clear opportunity for a Fallout movie to blow away audiences! I'm not talking crappy looking, laser guns like the ones from the Doom movie or the Men in Black franchise. I'm talking about sub-machine guns that look put together from random objects, a mini-nuke firing gun and a cell gun that obliterates any creature in its path. Put that together with the music we were talking about earlier and you have a stellar scene.

5. Franchise opportunities

Like all the games, the makers of the movies wouldn't run out of things to write. This means sequels, prequels, expanded universes all that jazz that seems to be the range in Hollywood nowadays. I love the opening scenes in Fallout games where you see your family as such just before the nuke arrives and this could be fleshed out fantastically on the big screen! Spend maybe 20 minutes setting the tone for our protagonist before we even see the wasteland. Maybe even the games could cross-over with the movies, THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS.

That's just my opinion anyway! Join the conversation below and tell me why you would like to see a Fallout movie more than Fallout 5! Also is there any other games you'd like to see on the big screen? Comment below and be sure to follow me on my profile for all things movies and games.


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