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Are your favorite shows influencing your thinking in shopping for the holidays? When you see Flash and Arrow together, do you see Christmas? Does The Waking Dead coffee sound delicious? Well then fan out with your shopping for your family, friends and self by shopping from some places I shopped at this year!

Live In a Cold Place?

Holly Jolly Heroes
Holly Jolly Heroes

DC Entertainment has a website with some good looking hoodies for the cool to cold days but there are also T-shirts and such for those in warmer places. You can shop right from home here for some red and green goodies:

Need Help Rising again?

Works Best for Dead Heads
Works Best for Dead Heads

Drink Coffee? Try this wonderful smelling brew which you can get from Jittery Joe's out of Georgia. This wonderful coffee in this particular can is sold out of The Waking Dead cafe in Senoia, Georgia, a place that looks just like Woodbury on The Walking Dead, Season 3 ( Actually, it is Woodbury in The Walking Dead). Jittery Joe's has decorative cans for their coffee but this particular can, can be ordered by mail here:

How About a Gotham fix?

Sorry, no coffee here, but you can get a mug!
Sorry, no coffee here, but you can get a mug!

Gotham has many delights both at the DC Entertainment website posted earlier and at the Fox Shop here:

Remember, year-round, some wonderful conventions may be coming through your city. Be sure to stay tuned to these websites where you can meet your favorite actors, shop till you drop and have loads of fun. Let me recommend Walker Stalker and Heroes & Villains FanFest!

What else will you do during the Mid-Season Breaks???


What Are you doing during Mid-Season Breaks?


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