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hello poeple today i am gonning to talk about a lego star wzrs game reboot that either has to come out in 2016 lr 2017 and this will be with thousands times better graphics voice over and free roam nyou would get this game with free froam side issions and all seven yess seven of course with force awakens movie lego version in game now you can free roam in space with verichles and on plaets

now posters and artwork

lego star wars season pass dlc

lego star wars clone wars all seasons featred in story menu

lgo star wars rebels all seasons featured in in story menu

the logo for game

menu info

the menu opens with footage of the game in background and in the bodem section you first get choose story in the begininning you start up with episode 1unlocked therest is locked so you cant play those yetwhen you finished a storyline the one that comes after that is unlocked next to that is settings in settings you can chose the play coop or not that next the settings you have dlc content net to that is web content and then you have behind the scenes which when you open that up yo can chose between artwork poster early stages concept art and more or photos when poeple are bussy with making the game and you get exclusive footage when tt games is working only in th game which will feature skething videos characer open world areas planets and space and level designs or them testing it out makig the ideas and script for the game or traiers demos ccclips or when you finished the storylines watch the movies in lego or cutscenes

the first and sceond storys well have10 and 15 missions the thircd will have 20 the fourth 25 or 30 fifth 30 or 35 six 40 and 7will have 50 missions the clone wars season 1 15 or 20season 2 25 or 30 rebels no answer

the voice over

the text will have the ones of move or series but the ons that were bad changed to make it riht an not weard or messed up


tt games ike always


ps3 ps4 psvitta wii wiiu nintedo 3ds nintendo nx maybe xbox 360 xbox and pc
release 13 sep2016 23/29 oct 2016 14/16/20/30 nov2016 or 18/25/26/01 dec/jan 2016/2017

now for these two games there will be a part 2

now lego the dark knight/the dark knight trilogy

batman begins story line
batman begins story line

man of steel and batman v uperman dawn of justice storylines

more tdkt

arrow season 1 2 3 4 story lines and maybe5 by then dlc of first couple eps in october and in april full season 5 if there will be one

flash season 1 2 with game first couple episodes of season 3 in ctober and fll season in april 2017

legends f tomorrow season 1 full with game and first couple episodes of season 2 if happens in october and fll season 2 in april 2017

lego justice league story line in tt games yhere lego batan games in dec 2016

suicide squd movie stor line in november 2016

lego batman beyond season 1 2 3 and return of the jker storyline with game

voice over for movie nd shows text from them and new things by cast of lego batman 2 and 3

release june 26/30 2016 july 19/29 2016 august 25/30/31 or september 01/13/17 october 21/23/25 noember 20/22/27 or decembeR 18/25/2630/31

missions batman begns 29 the dark knight 59 the dak knight rises 30 man of steel50 batman v superan 70 arrow 1 23 s2 23 s3 23 s4 23 s5 23 flash season 1 23 s2 23 s3 23 legends of tomorrow s1 5/16 s2 unknown batman beond s1 22/23 s2 forgot s3 13

menu the same as lego star wars but i forget one thing to say about that after the last thing i said about the menu you have a stors which with that you are gonne see all the storys that you can play and something els chet codes and you can look at all the character that youcan or will gt in lego star or the dark knight

platforms ps vitta ps3 ps4 wii wiiu nintendo 3ds nintende nx maybe xbox 360 xbox one and pc

now that does it for part 1 in part 2 i will do storys or scripts

see you all n the next one


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