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So let's start this off with BioShock, its a great series with never before seen ideas, now I'm gonna make this article short, BioShock 4 is happening, confirmed by Take Two Studios it will have a holiday 2016 release, Bioschock 4 by developer 2K has been recently confirmed by Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick

"The franchise is in the hands of 2K, They'll make announcements in due time about any upcoming releases. But BioShock is unquestionably a permanent franchise for our company and one that we do believe in."

Zelnick also cared to add

BioShock is a 'permanent' franchise treated as similar to the popular GTA game series which won't get annual releases in opposite to what other publishers do.

Now on to the much Debated subject, this has been stressed for years, but we could be seeing Half-Life 3 in the near future, lots have been focusing on the rumours of development of Left 4 Dead 3 saying it could get a release sometime in 2017, and there have been rumours of Portal 3

I wish
I wish

Now Gabe Newell said Half-Life 3 is not in development, most developers say this when a sequel is being worked on, for all we know we may never get half-life 3, the hype is so major and expectations are high that the developers don't want to disappoint, Will we ever see Half-Life 3 ? Who knows, the closest we will get to it is rumours and concept art

Like Katie Granger a Creator here at Moviepliot Wrote

Let's be honest, at this point is there any game that could live up to the expectations set for Half-Life 3? It's almost understandable that Valve is hesitant to commit to a release date for the third installment in the well loved Half-Life series. It's incredibly high risk for them, delivering anything short of a gaming masterpiece would be pretty disastrous at this juncture.

You can check out her great article about half-life 3 and concept art here.

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