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We're tons of months away from the release of David Ayer's Suicide Squad! And boy, do i have to say it looks amazing! David Ayer is an amazing and talented filmaker that is the perfect man to handle Task Force X! This movie has an all-star cast and judging from the trailer maybe David Ayer is right! This may be "Comic Book Movie 2.0" From the controversies that happened when Will Smith was cast as Deadshot, and Jared Leto as The Joker, the only casting i approve of is the latter.

And i couldn't be more excited for this:

But, of course, there have been some truly crazy fan theories which i will analyze today:

#1: Jason Todd Is The Joker:

Oh god, this is a really long one, but let's roll with it:

So, a theory that has been as popular as the movie itself, is that the Joker of the DC Cinematic Universe is none other than: Jason Todd AKA Robin.

The theory is that after the infamous incident that happened on the famous Death Of The Famiy Story-line, Jason took the identiny of the Joker. The theory also says that Jason Todd has a long history of taking the Joker's identity. Like in the Batman classsic story The Killing Joker, back when he wasn't the madman we know, the Joker was forced into being the Z-List villain The Red Hood, then Jason Todd took his identity.

Thus the Under The Red Hood storyline, but Jason actually took the Joker's own identity.

Which makes this moment below, the even more powerful. It's Jason remending Batman his failure of saving him from his doom.

So, there's that, atleast.

#2: Harley Quinn Is Batman's Ex Love Interest:

When i heard this theory for the first time i was like:


I mean, at first i thought this theory was total BS, but the more i read, the more i was convinced, it might be true.

The theory states that Harley Quinzeel (Harley Quinn's name before she went psycho) was a love interest of Bruce Wayne, and then the Joker made her go crazy, breaking Batman's heart along the way. If you ask me, that will be a good twist, that ads more to Batman's and The Joker's enemy relationship.

Still, that can't happen....Right?

#3: Enchantress is The Movie's Villain:

We all know, that the movie's villain is the Joker (even though the movie is filled with villains) Right? Well, no, it turns out we are wrong.

This theory\rumour states that Enchantress, who is a part of the team, is the movie's main villain. Enchantress A.K.A June Moone, is on a mission to find her brother's corpse and resssurect him, which gets the attention of Amanda Waller, and assembles Task Force X to stop her.

While that sounds like a cool plot, but, no thanks. We will stick with the Joker on this one.

#4: Scott Eastwood is in this Movie, and is Playing Dick Grayson A.K.A Nightwing:

So, apparently, Scott Eastwood (Yes, Son of Clint Eastwood) Is in Suicide Squad. Ever since Scott was confirmed to be in the movie, starring as a mysterious character, many have alluded fan theories and speculations about it. Wonder no more, cause it turns out Scott Eastwood is playing....Dick Grayson A.K.A Nightwing.

The theory states that Dick Grayson was sent undercover by Batman to be a A.R.G.U.S (Which is the agency lend by Amanda Waller) for him to keep an eye behind-the-scenes. A double-agent probably.

While this is a flawed theory, it's a good one, nonetheless. It might happen, and if it does, then it will be a major twist, for sure.

#5: The Suicide Squad is After Batman:

While this is a super, super crazy theory- think about it for a moment- who would be better to hunt down the crusader than his foes? Since he locked them up!

Well, The theory states that Amanda Waller has also a beef with Batman, and uses Task Force X to deal with him.

It has holes, but it sounds pretty logical. So, it may not be bullshit, after all.


With all these theories, Suicide Squad is sure to be full of twists. And we will find out when Suicide Squad premieres August, 2016.


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