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Time to make the chimi-friggin'-changas!
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It seems like Marvel is trying to increase the hype for Daredevil's season two by bringing new footage and airing it at the Comic-Con Experience in Brazil! As it has not been released to the general public, the trailer has not been released online. However, thanks to Tumblr user Cherryvane, we have a description of the first encounter Daredevil has with the Punisher!

Over the weekend, at Comic Con Experience in Brazil, Marvel unveiled some of their biggest events of 2016, including new footage of their Netflix Daredevil series. Stars Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal, and Elodie Yung (Elektra) introduced the clip and fans were not disappointed, for sure. Due to obvious security reasons, photography and/or videos were not allowed to be taken, but fear not, here's the first description which brings plenty of awesomeness!

The teaser started on a scene where Matt, dressed as Daredevil (wearing the uniform from the end of season 1) walks into a room that looked like a refrigerator. The place was barely lit and had big slices of meat hanging from the ceiling.
As Daredevil walks into that room (the camera focused only at him) we see that he’s searching for something as he stays quiet, slowly walking deep into the room, turning his head trying to hear something. At some point, something not shown to the spectator grasps his attention.

Matt discovers that people are hanging from the ceiling. Matt searches the corpses with his super senses, not touching, only listening for heart beats, once he finds someone he rushes to aid the man: “I’ll take you off that” (or something like it), he says as he tries to take the barely alive man off the hook.

Matt, then, begins to question him.

"Why did they do this to you?" In which the guy mumbles "They? It was just a guy." Matt stays dead silent, camera focusing on him.
The scene shifts. It’s night time and someone is on the top of a building aiming a sniper rifle at a person in a taxi. The person being aimed at was either a man or a woman, though it looked like a woman.

The man behind the gun is no one else but the Frank Castle. While Frank is readying his rifle for the perfect shot, unaware of his surroundings, DD appears.

Running on the rooftop, he jumps and kicks the gun, amazingly diving over Frank to stop him. They soon engage on a fight, but when it was getting interesting and intense as f–k the scene was cut with the Daredevil logo and “2016 - NETFLIX”.

Possibly something as awesome as this:


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