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Hello everybody,

and welcome to my new post. Let's see what shall we post about??? I know "Krampus"! What can I say about this beautifully crafted movie?? Hmm, Do we even know what a "Krampus" is?? Well let me enlighten you since there is no review on this movie yet.

This movie is most differently one to watch for you big horror fans out there. Me being one after doing some research on the movie myself. I have discovered something worth wanting to watch this movie you dig. So check this out, did you know that this movie is based off a real legendary entity? Thats right, a German entity!

What a great horror movie already. Well as the story goes, "Krampus" is a German spirit. That only comes around the Christmas holidays to punish the bad kids. What a relief right? I mean all of those bad kids out there certainty we can use a "Krampus" here.

It gets better this the first movie that counters the Saint Nicholas story we hear all the time. But me I always believed that there was more to the story. Well here it is "Krampus" here is the link to look up this legend yourself Well if you don't like to watch horror this Christmas. If you got bad kids you may want them to watches this yes? I mean director Jason Hull really take us there with this one.

To add a even bigger value this movie is based off this entity nicely done Jason Hull. From the looks of this Horror movie it will bring horror with a realistic twist. Perfect Duality I will say.


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