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Spiderman is a great origin story, helmed by Sam Raimi as we follow the young Peter Parker in high school, Toby Maguire embodies the naive, nerdy image of Parker to a tee and does a great job in the role, as does the rest of the cast in their respective roles.

What Spiderman does well is set up a great template and for the quintessential superhero blockbuster, it's funny, dramatic, has some good action and spectacle and takes you on a fun adventure, whilst never feeling brooding, dull or like it drags on. It's almost at a perfect length pacing wise and isn't full of extraneous villains or material that makes the film feel rushed at any point like Spiderman 3 and The Amazing Spiderman 2. Spiderman kept things simple with Peters' origins, showing his excitement, fear and anxiety as he changed and learned to use his new abilities and it was great to watch and with giving audiences one of his greatest villains in the Green Goblin, we got to see a great face off.

It was ambitious for sure to use the Green Goblin for the first live action Spiderman film but it definitely paid off, Willem Dafoe as it turns out, makes great villainous characters and excellently portrayed Norman Osborn, a scientist who wanted to do good that is shafted from his own company. Though a lot of the film is fairly 'light' in its content, Normans plight and situation, even with regards to his transformation into the Goblin has a sense of tragedy about it, especially because this is Harrys father this is all happening to and he's also completely unaware of what's going on. Dafoe plays the duality of Norman gone 'evil' really well and has dynamic energy to his performance, really playing it up and it serves the character fantastically, when I think of comic book villain, Dafoe as Green Goblin is someone that comes to mind.

The simplicity of the story is part of what makes it so re-watchable and even with a good 13 years, it has aged fairly well with some good comedic moments, good drama, action and some fantastic pacing, setting up great potential story lines to come for Peter Parker/Spiderman.


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