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So with all the recent talk of both big trailers that recently dropped and more so with the... well controversy over the amount that the Batman V Superman trailer showed, it seems like a lot of comic book movie fans are picking sides and declaring a winner out of the two trailers (and Civil War seems to be 'winning'.

But hold on a minute, we just got a trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and this film is actually happening and coming out in 3 months, how awesome is that? I never and have never 'taken a side' when it comes to Marvel vs Dc as I've never felt the need to, I love the lore, history and world of comic books and the movies are just so much fun that I just don't really care if what I watch is from either company, I just want the film to be good and to have a good time.

Early 2016 and comic book fans everywhere will of course pit both films 'against' each other but they're not releasing at the same time and won't really be competing at the box office almost being two months apart and I'm pretty sure that people talking about one film or the other right now will go to see both. People love competition (generally speaking) and long time rivalries, Marvel and DC are of course a big one to look at but as much as the media will try to ramp up the tension and play it like the films will be in huge competition with each other, Marvel looking to defend its cinematic crown and DC trying to establish its cinematic universe and prove a point, honestly there isn't that much of a fight between the two.

Simply because of the state of comic book movies with the MCU and the barely established DCCU actually, Marvel's been winning and winning and winning, there hasn't been a competition to speak of, they have a great track record of solid movies with a few stinkers but on the whole very commercially successful movies. Man of Steel was good, it got a bit of a mixed reception but it's easily the best Superman film - to me at least and one of the most successful at the box office but DC kind of has nothing else to go off of at the moment and they're still setting out and establishing themselves. Batman V Superman against Captain America Civil War isn't a match up of any real significance, however much you may be lead to think otherwise, though the success of BVS matters a lot more for DC, Marvel won't conceivably 'lose' anything, apart from some of their fans if Civil War flops and DC will potentially not set up a cinematic universe.

But that's a different conversation entirely and in regards to the question of choosing one film or the other well... I guess the point I'm getting to is, who really cares about who 'wins'? I think comic book fans win, as do fans of fun movies, I'll definitely be watching both and will probably enjoy both, in equal measure? Well we'll have to wait and see about that of course but I really can't wait to watch them both and fight out how they are.


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