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Well, ever since the announcement came about the 2020 Green Lantern film that it was set to be called Green Lantern Corps, we've all been expecting that there would be more than one human Green Lantern in the film, as there are in comic book series of the same name. There have been a number of human Green Lanterns over the years, including Alan Scott, Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Simon Baz. But it would be absolutely ridiculous to attempt to fit them all in a single film, so we all thought it more likely there would be two or three. Well, it appears that we finally have the answer, according to a source at comicbookmovie.

Okay Loki, give me a minute.
Okay Loki, give me a minute.

The report states that a piece of concept art for the film was shown at a recent convention, and that it shows well known Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart together in the film.

Before we talk about what that means, check out exactly what the report says about this revelation!

Well, Cinefilos may have an answer for us. Here's a translation of their report from the recent Professional Days of Cinema of Sorrento:

Now suspects that Hal Jordan and John Stewart can be deployed together in the film DC / Warner become more concrete following the panel Warner during the Professional Days of Cinema of Sorrento . The event was shown a featurette of the universe DC in progress to the movies and among other things we have seen a concept of the Green Lantern Corps in which stood out clearly the two characters. That may be the final clue?

That seems quite clear, and it looks like Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be the focus of the new film, which is surprising for some who believed Hal Jordan would be left out after the Ryan Reynolds 2011 film focusing on the character bombed. Before we look at who could play these Lanterns, let's see a brief history of the two from the comics!

Hal Jordan!

While many consider Hal Jordan to be the first Green Lantern, this isn't true. A more appropriate name would be the first modern Green Lantern, as Alan Scott appeared in comics in the 1940s, however the modern costume and style of Green Lanterns was first brought in when Hal Jordan was created in 1959 by writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane. Hal is most commonly shown as a test pilot for Ferris Airlines, and his most well known love interest is Carol Ferris. At times Jordan has led, been a part of, been exiled from and even stood against the Corps. Most famously he went insane after a villain named Mongul destroyed his home city and killed seven million people in the process. After his grief drove him insane, he ended up killing almost all of the guardians of the universe, who run the Green Lantern Corps, and renounced himself as a Lantern, taking on the name Parallax instead. The name Parallax was used as a villain who Hal Jordan fought in the 2011 film Green Lantern, which is one of the reasons it came under fire by comic book fans.

John Stewart!

Well documented as the first black superhero to appear in DC comics, John Stewart first appeared in 1971, and was created by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams. He is known as an architect and former marine, and was originally brought in as a substitute Green Lantern for Hal Jordan, before being made the main one when Jordan quit the job. Stewart has become many fans favorite Lantern, due to his appearances in shows like the animated Justice League that ran between 2001 and 2004. Many fans prefer him because he has never turned into a villain like Jordan did, and there seems to be a lot of general fan hate towards Jordan for reasons such as this, which is also why some may not take the decision to include him in the film so well.

But enough of history, let's look towards the future, and think about who may be able to play these two great characters in the film!

Hal Jordan!

While there was quite a push for Chris Pine to take on the role of Hal Jordan, it has since been confirmed that he will be playing Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor in the DCEU, so he's out. But there are a lot of suitable actors for such a role, and here are just a couple!

Jensen Ackles!

This guy needs to play a superhero at some point, and I'm thinking this role may be the right one for him! He definitely needs to play a character he can have fun with and he deserves a hell of a lot of screen time (as long as he's not too busy in 2020 with SupernaturalSeason 16 or so.) Also he would bring the humorous side of Jordan to the screen, which would contrast with the common John Stewart beautifully.

Bradley Cooper!

Or if the writers are worried about the film needing star power, why not throw in a huge A-lister? Cooper plays Rocket Raccoon for Marvel in Guardians of the Galaxy, but I can definitely still see him playing a live action hero, and I think he would be great as Hal Jordan.

Josh Duhamel!

Or you could go for someone a little different. Josh Duhamel has been a little underrated his entire career, and is ripe for a major role to lift him into the big leagues. I could see him being up for this, while Cooper might not want to be tied down to several films right now, and he could have the perfect look for Jordan as well!

John Stewart!

Now onto the other guy! While Jordan has had several looks throughout the years, Stewart looks pretty consistent in appearance, so it's less variable with the casting. Here are a couple that could get the look just right though!

Tyrese Gibson!

If he wants it so desperately, why not give it to him? The guy looks about right for the part, wouldn't have a problem being tied down to a franchise and really really wants it! I could see it, if only because of all the fan art showing how it could look!

Idris Elba!

I know that this guy has been linked with a lot of franchise roles, and after his problems being tied to Marvel he probably wouldn't enjoy another franchise commitment, but he would be so awesome! Imagine his John Stewart being the serious partner alongside Ackles or Duhamel as a less serious Hal Jordan who is always joking around! Can anyone say Lethal Weapon in space?

David Ramsey!

There was a short time where it was rumored that Ramsey would become a Green Lantern in Arrow, partly due to hints he would be getting a masked identity of his own, partly because Green Lantern is known for being good friends with Green Arrow and The Flash, both of whom Ramsey's character Diggle is friends with in the show, and partly because he looks perfect for the part! Ramsey is unlikely to take on the role because he is already in DC's TV universe as a different character, but you never know! If the multiverse between the two really exists, wouldn't it be awesome to see John Diggle of the Arrow universe meeting someone exactly like him in another universe who was instead named John Stewart and grew up to be a Green Lantern? Yes, it would be awesome!

So what do you think? Are you excited to see these two join forces in the film come 2020?


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