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So here it is, my take on what’s going to happen in Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens. Do I need to say spoiler alert since none of this is stuff I know, merely conjecture based on viewing the trailers a few dozen times? I’ll say no, but if you don’t want even the slightest clue or even the slightest hint as to what might happen, since I might be right, stop reading now. If however speculating over movies, particularly movies like Star Wars and Star Trek is as much fun for you as it is for me, read on and enjoy.

There are of course numerous possibilities as to who is the child of who, who is the leader of the Dark Side, what is Luke’s deal, who is brother and sister, and so on and so on. The first thing I am seeing, and no one has proposed this, is that Poe Dameron is Luke’s son. I’ve heard Poe described as the Han Solo of this installment, being the funny, exuberant fighter pilot, but there are a few things I see in the trailers that make me believe he is a Skywalker. First of all, his physical appearance. In one scene in the official trailer, the bad guy has his hand in front of his face, and when you see Poe screaming he actually looks like Luke to me. I believe that scene is Poe being turned to the Dark Side and I believe it happens toward the end of the movie and sets up part of the story in Episode 8. Second of all, why would we not think that someone who is a fighter pilot is Luke’s son? Wouldn’t that be in line with the Skywalker tradition as both Anakin and Luke were possibly the 2 best pilots that the galaxy far far away a long long time ago had ever seen? Just wait and see, this may be a scoop no one else catches.

Then there is Rey. She is clearly a Skywalker, but it seems to me she is most likely the child of Han and Leia. This is not such an original thought on my part, but since it makes sense I’m really comfortable going along with it. I also think she is the sister of Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren almost has to be a Skywalker. Why else would he find it so crucial to “finish what you started” as he says while looking at Darth Vaders messed up mask. And the Japanese trailer, in my opinion, lets on to the fact that Kylo and Rey are brother and sister. When we see the red light saber next to Rey’s head, I believe Kylo doesn’t kill her because somewhere in his force driven soul, be it the dark side or light, I believe he senses a connection.

So who leads the bad guys. Is it Max Von Sydow’s character? Possibly. He has that elder statesman way about him that makes him seem like someone who would be important, but I am leaning more towards Andy Serkis’s character, Supreme Leader Snoke. In an earlier trailer you here a voice saying “there is an awakening in the force; have you felt it?”, and I believe this is Snoke sensing the activity of either Finn, I’ll get to him in a moment, Rey, or increased activity from what was till now a more dormant Luke Skywalker. Once he sense this he dispatches his band of evildoers, lead by the Vaderesque Kylo Ren to crush the awakening of the good guys.

Finn is the character I am having the most difficulty forming a definitive opinion about. At first I thought he was going to be the Han Solo type in this installment, but I am thrown off by seeing him in a light saber battle, something Han never did and something that implies the force is strong within him as well. Which leads me to another possibility. Maybe he is Luke’s son, either being a half brother of Poe or indicating that I am just wrong about Poe. Before anyone shakes their head and dismisses this out of hand, I do know Finn is black and Luke is white. I came up with a theory to explain this as well. The character of Maz Kanata is played by Lupita Nuyong’o and I believe is the voice that says, “I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people”. Is it possible she had a child with Luke, namely Finn?

Then there is Luke. Kudos to J.J. Abram, and fanatics of the Star Wars galaxy please forgive me for saying this, for turning the one character I had gotten a little bored with into possibly the most fascinating character of the upcoming movie. We hear him say one line, we see him all covered up with his hand gently placed on R2D2, but we know nothing more of Luke. I’ve heard it suggested that Luke either starts off as or turns into the bad guy, and that would certainly be fascinating on some levels, but I believe it is more likely that he takes on the Obi Wan role in this one, and when Rey is seen crying over what somewhat looks like a body, what she is crying over is Luke’s empty clothing, as Luke has departed his physical body to become, as Obi Wan so elegantly stated, “more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” And when we hear Leia say “hope is not lost today, it is found”, I believe it is her being strong about the death of the physical being of her brother Luke.

I could be completely off base here, but who knows? JJ Abrams likes to keep us guessing and likes to surprise us. Plus he is not afraid to push the envelope. That leaves room for all kinds of possibilities. The good news is, one month from now, anyone who cares enough to have read up to here should already know if any of this is correct.

May the Force be with you.



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