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Marvel's new Netflix series Jessica Jones is receiving positive feedback from across the board. However, some have complained that it does not tie itself into the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe enough, even though there are plenty of references and even an episode with a large part of the plot surrounding the Battle of New York from The Avengers.

Jessica Jones is unique because, instead of taking us into the real action of the MCU, it shows us the street view of what is happening in that Universe. Even though the movies focus on Chitauri and robot attacks, this show teaches us that life still goes on like normal in the Universe, and I actually like that.

It's really a great show
It's really a great show

But throughout all 13 episodes, there was one scene in particular that looked oddly familiar in this street view of the MCU. Specifically, the brief shot of a boy running through a park dressed as Captain America as other kids follow behind him as pictured below. Something seemed a little too familiar about this scene....

After re-watching it, I realized why this scene looked so familiar. It was basically a more modern version of one of the closing scenes from Captain America: The First Avenger where, even after Cap's death, a boy dressed as Captain America ran through the streets with other kids following him. Basically the same thing, just set in a different time period!

Either Marvel is just hashing out repeated scenes that worked before just to use them again, or they are trying to tell us something. And knowing Marvel, this isn't just them running on repeat.

Shot from Captain America: The First Avenger
Shot from Captain America: The First Avenger

What could this mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The last time we saw a boy dressed as Captain America running through the streets was shortly after Captain America's death, revealing that his heroism still inspired the people of America. It was a very touching moment, showing us that Captain America will always live on, even in death.

Yet why bring this memorable moment back when Captain America is clearly still alive? I mean, it's not like anything bad happens to him during this point in the comics...

Oh, wait a minute...
Oh, wait a minute...

With Captain America: Civil War swiftly approaching, many are already predicting the death of Captain America - an event which occurred right after Civil War in the comics. Though it did not occur during the Civil War comic arc, it did occur in the epilogue arc.

I have been denying Cap's death in Captain America: Civil War for some time now, but this may actually be a big clue to his potential demise. Marvel would not give us this moment of Déjà vu for no reason. Marvel, or at least the director of this particular episode of Jessica Jones, is trying to send us a clue about what's to come. Is Captain America's death coming just as soon as many have predicted? Or is this just some random coincidence? Knowing Marvel, nothing can be a coincidence. Feige would not let it be that way.

Did Jessica Jones foreshadow the death of Captain America? Comment below, and thanks for reading!


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