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Let me at least say this about Paul Blart: Mall Cop... I did like the original. I had only watched it once, but when I saw it a second time before ultimately seeing the sequel, I did find the second half of the first act very boring. But I think there are somethings commendable about the original. Is it as funny as I originally thought? Hell No! But I did see it as a parody to the original Die Hard movie, something I've noticed people not seem to pick up on. And so I will always ultimately like the original as an average movie. However, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is a louder, more obnoxious carbon copy of the original! So, it is stupider and not nearly as subtle with its Die Hard parody as the first one. So, if you didn't like Paul Blart, you're not going to like the sequel. If you liked Paul Blart, you more than likely will find the sequel irrelevant, which is totally is. So, I can see why people feel this is the worst movie of 2015, but personally, I can think of at least seven more from this year that I disliked more!

I think saying it's a louder more obnoxious version of the original is a perfect description of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. There is really not much else to say about it other than that. They use the same gags, it's the same plot, and he even falls down the exact same way when he runs into the glass like the first one! I'm not kidding, the same roll and even down to the same exact camera angle, I believe. The plot is even more ridiculous with a mall cop convention, but I guess he needed to get his gadgets from somewhere, right? It even tries to be dramatic by having his daughter about to go to college and him not being able to take her leaving and such, but it's done poorly.

Even Paul Blart is all wrong in this movie! In the original, there was a likability to him. Yes he is delusional in believing he's a serious cop and yes he is crazy, but there was a true underdog story in the original and he did have hopes and dreams. There is some real heart in the original that many don't seem to see. The Paul Blart in the sequel is just more over-the-top in his delusion to the point of being unlikable and very obnoxious to me. I just couldn't get behind him like I could in Paul Blart: Mall Cop. And the whole subplot of him believing a hot girl is in love with him is completely unnecessary and ludicrous.

The movie even kicks fans of the original in the balls by having the wife he married at the end dump him within a week! Like she just steals from him and takes off, making it feel like the filmmakers didn't give two shits about the original.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is absolutely unnecessary and copies heavily off the original to the point of having no creativity whatsoever. It's more over-the-top and stupider than the first. I laughed a few times during the movie and still entertaining enough, but ultimately, the film is not worth it's existence.


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