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If you haven't seen the 2nd trailer of the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) film. Read no more. This article contains spoilers for that trailer. You have been warned.

The trailer was released four days ago now. After seeing the trailer there are three large things that I feel need to be addressed that pose HUGE problems for this film going forward. These are things I think could definitely be avoided, but for some reason or another, Zack Snyder and DC Comics have made these three choices which I feel cheapen, and greatly reduce the potential quality of this film. Granted, none of us have actually seen the movie yet, but from what we can see here, there is definitely cause for concern.

1. Who's movie is it anyway? It's getting crowded.

Batman v Superman? or what?
Batman v Superman? or what?

Who's movie is this? We all knew Batman and Superman are supposedly 'facing off' here, but what is with Doomsday and Wonder Woman? I thought this was going to be about Batman FACING Superman. Not Batman teaming up with Superman to face a bunch of other people. Isn't that the plot of another series altogether? So is the title not actually relevant then? Why the need for Lex Luthor if you're going to have Batsy and Supes team up with Wonder Woman and others to fight a gigantic rock creature from outer-space? This isn't The Avengers.

It's great that DC wants to make the Justice League into a film. I like it okay, but all I really care about is Batman and Superman beating the crap out of each other.

2. Jesse Eisenberg is playing it safe as Lex Luthor

I will say this. IF Jesse Eisenberg DOES hit some really great notes as Lex Luthor they sure as hell aren't showing it to us here. They haven't whetted our appetites for this character.



This is, quite possibly, my biggest complaint of them all. I LOVE Jesse Eisenberg. I adore his work. He was brilliant in The Social Network and Night Moves. He is undoubtedly a very very talented actor. However, he is not Heath Ledger nor should he try to be. Playing Lex Luthor as a cute, wacky, eccentric psychopath is a tired and humongous copout. Is that the best you can do Eisenberg? Really? It's already been done before. And you are better than this.

I feel as though maybe Jesse showed up to a table read and gave a chillingly severe first read of the character and Zack Snyder just went like "Yeah, Jesse, don't do that. We know you can act, but just do your quirky nerdy psychopath shtick. That's what we hired you for. Give it to us."

How insulting, how unimaginative. Whether he is responsible for this choice, or the director, it's not excusable. I'm all for different takes on villains, but I'm not for jumping on acting fads and trying to repeat or replicate past successful portrayals of villains. That's just wrong. If you happen to like what you see here of Eisenberg as Luthor, you have your right to your opinion just as I do of mine, but know that taking the safe way out is always the most boring and least satisfying of ways. You think J.K. Simmons was playing it safe in Whiplash?

Something really irks me about the way they've written the character, just from the few bits of dialogue here in the clip. I don't know how much of it is actual SCRIPT or if Eisenberg is improving, but it doesn't feel like Lex Luthor. Luthor can be funny, but he's DANGEROUS, and he's also a deeply angry and sadistic person for very specific reasons. I don't know if Eisenberg has done that internal work or if he is simply being eccentric for the sake of being eccentric. What they've shown here is a rather unthreatening, goofy caricature.

Granted, I have only seen a TINY bit of his performance, so I can't judge it too harshly, but from what I've seen I'm sorely disappointed, even infuriated. He had a real opportunity to sink his teeth into this role, transform himself, and make a truly real, sinister, and evil Lex Luthor, and instead he's created a hip archetype that feels more forced than rooted in a truthful psychology. Yet, MTV is lauding him as "the best thing about the trailer." Don't make me laugh. You just like him 'cause he's edgy and that, of course, means the performance is just brilliant right?

3. Less is more, but they didn't care.

They showed WAY too much in this trailer. It's nice to know there are trying, but revealing important plot points about your film in the trailer is just downright bad for business. I want to see the film even less. I'm hoping that the film gets released and some article pops up somewhere with the title "WE WERE SO WRONG ABOUT BATMAN V SUPERMAN." That would be the best article ever. However, I get the feeling that they really did reveal all of the important secrets that could've been saved for the actual film, thereby spoiling itself to millions of people. Again, I hope we are all wrong, and they're just kidding and this movie ends up being about the two characters WHO'S NAMES ARE IN THE TITLE.

These are my thoughts. Feel free to disagree, but please do it with tact if you do.


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