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Before this article was just a character analysis of Jesse's Luthor but now I'm editing this article after hearing the new rumours of "Leaked review on Reddit" . Offcourse many people will not agree upon taking any grain of salt from these rumours and also the trust upon some next reddit user seems illogical. But still the whole industry and blogging pages work upon these rumours only. This man also post a screen shot so i choose to believe and other can totally avoid that if they want so.

Also, I found this review quite legit because i can feel that its written by someone who hates Jesse Esienberg but later after seen this was blown away. Basically people are hating Jesse version of Luthor because they are unable to understand the forces behind him. The era, this luthor is living and the situation of Metropolis after Man of Steel's incident. Well Jesse is one of the main reason behind the hatred for BVS. But now reviewer is comparing him with Heath's Joker.

Now have a look over the full review given by ViolatingNDA -:

He wrote:
"Hey DC_Cinematic, I'm using a throwaway account for obvious reasons, but I saw the movie last night! I use a website for advance screenings and I got tickets for a mystery film and it turned out to be BvS.
The movie was very long, as long as TFA if I were to make a comparison. It didn't drag though; every minute of the film was used effectively.
Performances were all great. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex is way more complex than what the trailers show. By the end of the film, you will HATE him, but at the same time, you can't help admire how capable this guy is.
Ben Affleck as Bruce/Batman is definitely the standout performance. I was surprised/scared how different he became when he put the mask on. This Batman will come across as a villain to some viewers; he enjoys inflicting pain on criminals. There was a scene where he was branding a criminal, and he had the biggest smile on his face. I don't know how fans will react to that, but I felt it worked with this version of the character.
Everyone else was great too, even the new supporting characters played by Jena Malone and Scoot McNairy. Jena Malone plays a crippled Barbara Gordon. She doesn't have much screentime, but she does make a Killing Joke reference about an amusement park incident involving her now retired father. Scoot is playing Jimmy Olsen who was injured during the events of Man of Steel. He does not blame Superman like the others, but supports him and views him as a hero. He has a popular blog about Superman.
The third act was mindblowing. The Doomsday reveal in the trailer is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of action, and I loved every moment of it. The first and second acts are the "Batman v Superman" parts of the movie, while the third act is entirely "Dawn of Justice." You will see a fully assembled Justice League by the end of the film.
All in all, BvS is the greatest comic book movie since The Dark Knight, and I can't wait to see it again come March.
If anyone has questions, i'll be glad to answer."
You can visit his Reddit posting to see the additional questions and answers.

The person did post a screen shot which confirms they did attended a "Mystery Screening" put on by Warner Bros. So it's up to you whether you believe the above review or not.

It's been some days since the most anticipated trailer of "Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice" Dropped resulting in the mixed reactions of fans popping up from every corner on Internet either by bashing or defending. Some discussions are applausble but some makes you feel like "crying" even while reading.

Some most common thrashing started upon Doomsday and Lex Luthor. Basically Doomsday is a secondary villain in BVS in front of Lex Luthor because not only Lex is going to raise the muscle against "trinity" but also challenge them socially or worldly.

Also its quite understandable now that the Hating for Doomsday was totally irrelevant because many fans already mentioned about the evolution of Doomsday (which will be awesome) and also many rumours of Bizzaro is also circulating.

The role of Scoot Mcnairy and Jena Malone revealed by "ViolatingNDA" also makes sense according to the tone and time-line of these characters. Barbara also mentioned "The killing Joke" incident and Jimmey Olsen is representing the hope inside people even after Man of Steel incident by running a blog for Superman.

confirmed ........... as crippled Jimmey Olsen
confirmed ........... as crippled Jimmey Olsen
confirmed as Barbara gordan or Oracle in future
confirmed as Barbara gordan or Oracle in future

But still the biggest trump card here is Lex Luthor, so lets have an open mind and think again why we hate this version of Lex after understanding some points -: (i had written this part a long before under the article name - "Meet lex Jr.)

Sometime i feel like we are misinterpreting this presentation of Lex luthor which is going to be too much menacing and enigmatic than any other interpretations we have ever seen either by Hackman or Spacey.

Let's try to explore this character before BVS drops in theatres.

Charges faced by Luthor Jr. are basically related to his looks, his lifestyle, his tone, his hair and his motives (in a nut shell).

1. Lex Luthor doesn't seems like Lex Luthor, Well he's not Bald

Well first thing first the fashion sense of Lex Luthor doesn't seems like The Lex from Comics so its sad to tell you that Lex we have seen in BVS is totally depended upon the present scenario where superman just have his first fight with General Zod. Meanwhile Lex's age is also similar to Clark's age, so at this age his attire and body language makes perfect sense.

Yes, he seems like Mark Zukerberg 2.0 because Mark is the face of new breed of tycoons who started their business from a room and became billionares in a blink.

Note - Lex was rumored to kill his father a while back and i'm sure his father must be a suited up person.

Also no Lex was not always bald even in comics but yes many of us remember him the way we saw, so its just related with what we were subjected to and with not what the character is. Here in one picture where you can see Red Hairs and in other a hairline.

know the real me fansssss..........
know the real me fansssss..........

2. Features of Lex Luthor - What makes this rich brat Lex Luthor.

When people think about why Lex Luthor is the most famous villain of Superman’s, the discussion of brains vs brawns comes up. Many people say that Lex Luthor is a great villain for Superman because they are complete opposites, well! because Lex Luthor is brains and Superman is brawns. But this one is the most common and simplest similarity anyone can notice.

But what actually makes Lex more intruding -:

# His sense of cautions from Superman - He thinks superman is a Danger for Human society which started his competition with Superman and later into some sort of rivalry due to his failure in proving so. Luthor’s hatred for Superman stems from very real emotions that most of us at one point or another have felt before: jealousy, inferiority, fear, egotism.

# Superman often reflects the goodness of humanity, humanity’s capacity to do and be good. Lex Luthor on the other hand reflects the ugliness of humanity. Lex is just the other face of coin in the same manner as Joker- Batman and Green Lantern - Sinistro.

# Where Lex Luthor represents the side of humanity who lets their petty emotions take over them, Superman represents the side of humanity who are able to overcome those petty emotions and be more resilient to feelings of hate and envy. Lex just wanted earth free from Superman not Humans.

In BVS, Its shown that right now Lex is Hurting Superman Politically and may be socially by his menacing schemes like "Cyborg Superman".

let the fight humans
let the fight humans

In this scene Lex is clearly quite open with other people in a goofy manner, but now with the godly status of Superman Lex is going to become the Lex Luthor we have ever wanted because he has already showed the different shades of his character.

3. The Enigmatic Lex Luthor - New shade in his character

Many People think they Know the real Luthor from these two trailer and its not imposing enough but just pay a little more focus on these trailers.

On one hand he's a Cringy Guy than an awesome spokesperson with one of the best lines/dialogues in Comic book history and then suddenly someone who's manipulating superman and believe me not just by kidnapping Ms. Lane but by forcing superman legally and emotionally.

well helllloooooo beautiful...........
well helllloooooo beautiful...........

A sense of superiority or we can say a Narcissist who wants to provide people what they need but with a sense of superiority from him in the eyes of those people. He's not running upon sun's energy or some tragedy but "the human emotions inside this Devil".

Well logically this villain is leaving impact like "Joker" (Heath) based upon his dialogues. He's irritating, Nerdy, Jealous, Insecure and Power hungry who's ready to prove that Superman can bleed.

He used Batman in his plans and off course open infinite scope for DCCU. It's all about the biggest underdog cinematic history has ever seen , just wait and watch.

4. Plan of Lex Luthor

Points to be Noted from First Trailer - :

Lex Luthor: Devils don't come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky.
Lex Luthor: We know better now, don't we? Devils don't come from hell beneath us. They come from the sky.
Lex Luthor: Black and blue, god vs man, day vs night!

So its clear that after the destruction of Metropolis Lex Considered Superman as Devil. Also if Lex Luthor is Already announcing something like "Blue vs Black" "Man vs God" ..... Lex already knew about the fight of Superman-Batman or they will Fight in future.

I'm sure neither Superman nor Batman invited him as a Viewer.

Points from Trailer 2 -:
Lex Luthor: Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator? It's that power can be innocent.
Lex Luthor: The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world: Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!

Again here also its completely understandable that Lex Luthor already knows about the "Gladiator Match" in the history of Mankind. Means somehow he's responsible for the Match not only the destruction.

One more thing or we can say a doubt - "In the first trailer Lex is denoting Superman as Devil but in second Its Doomsday" (According to viewers). So questions rises like what Lex has done for this Battle or why or How ?

5. Two Superman in BvS

I was actually astonished that how people didn't noticed the Superman standing behind Lex Luthor in the trailer. Also the design behind seems like krptonian ship.

inside ship with supes........
inside ship with supes........

And if people Noticed this and how they didn't came upon the conclusion of "Cyborg Superman".

If superman is standing behind someone than the Dialogue like "........the Devil will" doesn't make sense. So their's a huge possibility that Lex has orchestrated the Battle between Superman and Batman by using Cyborg Superman.

Or might be the case that Superman is just showing him his Kryptonian Tech.

Whatever be the conclusion but this Lex is something out of Box and in a positive manner because the guy who shaked hands with Bruce is totally different with the one who appeals against Superman in court and trying to kill the false God.

This may be not the one you are thinking...........
This may be not the one you are thinking...........

Also remember "The Red Capes are Coming" , So there may be more than one red Cape. Also Thor is not in DCCU so there might be a possibility of one more Superman.

So what's your thought upon this Lex and his plans..........


This Luthor might not be the one from the past movies but exactly the one from the comics so i think many fan-boys are crying because of just fumes inside their mind.

This Luthor is going to save the earth from the Superman but suddenly his care becomes an obsession for Superman.

He brings Batman inside this obsession and series of Failures might force him to join hands with Brainiac or Darksied. I think the trump card for DC is Luthor here. He's the Axis of this universe which will bring everything in the universe and he has perfect reason to do so................just sheer jealousy and obsession. Quite Humane.

He started this under the perception of his concern but soon found Superman against his path of Greatness. An alien ruling over your land taking your fame and tarnishing every dream you have ever had.........Enough to piss me off.

Believe me Pissed Zukerberg scared me more than any Petrol well owning Seikh carrying Golden Guns, cool sunglasses and Babes around him.

Alfred: That's how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men... cruel.

Suits better Upon Lex as per my interpretations.

mirror mirror reveal me............
mirror mirror reveal me............

Please remember this DC movie is a part of universe and characters will evolve with time, its the starting of Lex not End.

It's a recurring Character and also a Lex who gets cosmic technology at the starting of this universe. He looks awkward because that's what he wants to be until his first defeat.


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