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This article contains comic book spoilers- read at your own risk.

The Star Wars Saga has a new badass- Finn (played by the amazing John Boyega). Not much is known about him at the moment, but there have been a few theories flying around. The most interesting theory I have happened across involves the parentage of this awesome new character. The popular theory is that his father is Lando Calrissian; while it is a pretty good theory, there is another name in the mix- Han Solo.

Mysterious Comic Book Wife

Han may have some explaining to do. Meet the lovely Sana Solo- a bounty hunter. Sana shows up and holds Han and Leia at gun point and proceeds to tell Leia that Han is her husband and a dirty liar. She could be lying, right? Maybe, but she says she has evidence.

Well, that doesn't look good. All signs point to Han having a wife at home that he left to help Luke save Leia. Why after all this time would she come looking for him? The money or does he have a son?

She did eventually come clean, but there is potential that Star Wars Episode 7 could spin this comic book story line.

Finn Solo?

Oh how the plot thickens. We've all heard the phrase "like father like son", if Finn is Han's son, this statement seems to hold true. In the trailer, we see Finn "undercover" as a stormtrooper (like Han and Luke). He also seems to have a thing for the damsel in distress, Rey (like Han with Leia). Finn also appears to have a pretty strong bond with Chewbacca; is this because he knows he is Han's son?

Finn is also missing a last name. The IMDB page and every other publication refers to him only as Finn. Could it be because his last name is Solo and publicizing the name would give away a pretty big surprise/plot twist?

There are also Episode 7 trailer stills that show Finn and Han sharing an emotional moment. Perhaps it all comes out and the pair share a moment of clarity and truth- Han is his father. While this theory is a little out there, there is quite the pile of mounting evidence that points to an intergalactic episode of the Maury show.

See Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens in theaters December 18th!


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