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Starting with Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles that could crossover. I already did Twilight so i won't do that one again.

Fancast in this order:

1- Percy Jackson

2- The Kane Chronicles

3- Divergent

4- Harry Potter

5- The Hunger Games

6- The Maze Runner

7- The Cuckoo's Calling

8- Chaos Walking

9- The Inheritance Cycle

10- Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

And Special:

The House of Anubis

Percy Jackson:

Channel: Fox

Main Cast:

Leo Howard as Perseus "Percy" Jackson

Leo Howard (18 Years old)

Percy Jackson (16 Years old)

Danielle Campbell as Annabeth Chase

Danielle Campbell (20 Years old)

Annabeth (17 Years old)

Robert Sheehan as Grover Underwood

Robert Sheehan (27 Years old)

Grover (16 Years old)

Lucas Till as Luke Castellan

Lucas Till (25 Years old)

Luke (17 Years old)

Clive Owen as Poseidon (Mostly Voice)

No age needed...

The Kane Chronicles:

Channel: Fox

Main Cast:

Dylan Sprayberry as Carter Kane

Dylan (17 Years old)

Carter (18 Years old)

Olivia Holt as Sadie Kane

Olivia (18 Years old)

Sadie (16 Years old)

Bruce Willis as Julius Kane

No age needed...

Jason Earles as Amos Kane

Jason (38 Years old)

Amos (35 Years old)

Debby Ryan as Zia Rashid

Debby (22 Years old)

Zia (18 Years old)

Cole Sprouse as Walt Stone

Cole (23 Years old)

Walt (17 Years old)


Channel: ABC/Freeform


Shelley Hennig as Beatrice "Tris" Prior

Shelley (28 Years old)

Beatrice (20 Years old)

Nick Jonas as Tobias "Four" Eaton

Nick (23 Years old)

Tobias (22 Years old)

Aaron Johnson as Caleb Prior

Aaron (25 Years old)

Caleb (21 Years old)

Janell Parrish as Christina

Janell (27 Years old)

Christina (20 Years old)

Brant Daugherty as Eric

Brant (30 Years old)

Eric (26 Years old)

Harry Potter:

Channel: The CW

Main Cast:

Niall Horan as Harry Potter

Niall (22 Years old)

Harry (15 Years old)

Peyton List as Hermione Granger

Peyton (17 years old)

Hermione (15 years old)

Cameron Boyce as Ron Wemel

Cameron (16 Years old)

Ron (15 years old)

Ian Thomas as Draco Malfoy

Ian (18 years old)

Draco (15 years old)

Harry Lloyd as Severus Snape

No Age needed

Benedict Cumberbatch as Albus Perkamentus

No age needed...

The Hunger Games:

Channel: MTV

Main cast:

Scarlett Johansson as Katniss Everdeen

Scarlett (31 Years old)

Katniss (21 Years old)

Nathan Kress as Peeta Mellark

Nathan (23 Years old)

Peeta (21 Years old)

Daniel Sharman as Gale Hawthorne

Daniel (29 Years old)

Gale (21 Years old)

Woody harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy

No age needed

The Maze Runner:

Channel: MTV

Main cast:

Chris Colfer as Thomas

Chris (25 Years old)

Thomas (17 years old)

Cameron Monaghan as Newt

Cameron (22 Years old)

Newt (17 Years old)

Michael Trevino as Minho

Michael (30 Years old)

Minho (19 Years old)

Victoria Moroles as Teresa

Victoria (19 Years old)

Teresa (17 Years old)

The Cuckoo's calling:

Channel: NBC

Mian cast:

(No age needed, all around 25 Years old)

Paul Wesley as Cormoran Strike

Crystal Reed as Robin Elacott

Ian Somerhalder as John Bristow

Chaos Walking:

Channel: Fox

Main cast:

Drew Van Acker as Todd Hewitt

Drew (29 Years old)

Todd (20 Years old)

Demi Lovato as Viola Eade

Demi (23 Years old)

Viola (20 Years old)

3- Manchee the dog (Todd's best friend)

David Boreanaz as Ben Moore

Todd's adoptive dad.

No age needed...

List of Inheritance Cycle:

Channel: ABC/Freeform

Main cast:

Jake T. Austin as Eragon

Jake (21 Years old)

Eragon (16 Years old)

I would only have 1 main cast and a bunch of Recuiring characters that i would also put in the opening credits:

Zendaya as Saphira

Zendaya (19 Years old)

Saphira (16 years old)

And also this characters: (That i won't cast.)


Roran Garrowszoon


Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Channel: / Netflix

Main cast: (Season 1)

Trevor Jackson as Miles Morales/Spider-Man

Trevor (19 Years old)

Miles (15 Years old)

Denzel Washington as Jeff Davis/Jeff Morales

No age needed...

Rosario Dawson as Rio Morales

No age needed...

Tyler James Williams as Judge

Miles best friend/Partner in crime

Tyler (23 years old)

Judge (15 Years old)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Maximus Gargan/Scorpion

No age needed.

Brec Bassinger as (Love Interest)

Brec (16 Years old)

Character (15 years old)

The House of Anubis:

Channel: MTV

Main cast: (Name changes but with same first and second letter)

All characters are 18 Years old

Emma Roberts as Nina

Emma (24 Years old)

Robbie Amell as Fabiano

Robbie (27 Years old)

Sarah Bolger as Amber

Sarah (24 Years old)

Colton Haynes as Michael

Colton (27 years old)

Patrick Schwarzenegger as Jeroen

Patrick (22 Years old)

Nicola Peltz as Patricia

Nicola (20 Years old)

Alyson Stoner as Maria

Alyson (22 Years old)

Cody Christian as Vincent

Cody (20 Years old)

Lili Simmons as Joyce

Lili (22 Years old)


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