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  • Hey guys how are you? This is my first article and because of that i will begin with a subject that i really like to talk about, Batman most notably his villains. Now like everyone of you who is reading this i am huge fan of DC Comics especially Batman. But if there i something that determines and make a hero as epic as he or she is, its their villains.
  • And like you i am really excited with the whole DCCU. Almost every actor gave me a good vibe mainly Ben Affleck who so far only did an awesome take on both of the roles of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Now this Batman is more mature, old, like a senior version who probably has fought a lot of diferent villains. And since this is such a big universe, i decided to make a top 8 list about the Batman villains i wanna see in big screen excluding of course Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Deadshot because they have already been confirmed. So with no further a do let´s see this list.

This is probably the most obvious choice in the list. Red Hood aka Jason Todd was first introduced in Batman 357 in 1983. After Dick Grayson left the Robin mantle and become independent, Batman was now without a Robin. One day he notices a young boy who is trying to steal parts from the Batmobile, but instead of hurting him or anything bad, Batman actually takes the boy with him in order to give him a better life, a life with meaning, a life as a crime fighter thus beggining his career as the second Robin.

After a few years Jason became more agressive and ruthless despite Batman teachings. In 1988 the storyline A Death in the Family portrays both Batman and Robin going to Europe to stop the Joker on a big rampage, Robin faced Joker in this event and he actually rediscovers his mother who was captured by the Joker. At that moment Joker gets Jason and beat him with a crowbar to his death. Batman arrives too late and for some time he does not get any side kick and since he acted more angry, lonely and sad. Batman at the time almost killed the Joker and Jason death felt like the biggest defeat to the Caped Crusader.

In 2005, the story Under the Hood, Jason returns to Gotham but this time a ruthless vigilante named Red Hood who know wants to control crime and elimante the big fishes, with this in mind he also seeks revenge on Batman for not killing the Joker at that time. Its a big personal confrontion, and during that time Jason was more of a villain, but as the years pass by ,he is becoming more of a hero and occasoionaly helping the Bat Family.

Since we know there was a Robin who was killed by Joker in this universe and that probably why Batman has retired, his biggest defeat coming back from the grave to a film would be plain awesome.

The Court of Owls was first introduced in Batman Vol.1( NEW 52). Created in 2011 by the writter Scott Snyder and by the artist Greg Cupullo, this secret criminal society had been one of the newest but also most dangerous foes for the Dark Knight. The Court of Owls exist in Gotham City since Colonial times, existing for 200 years, they are as old as the city itself. They usually kidnap circus boys (acrobats) in order to transform and teach them to be assassins known as Talons.

The Court of Owls usually are kept hiding with almost anyone not knowing their presence including Batman for a long time. They are usually pulling all the political and social strings of the city, since they usually have all Gotham Elite in it. After failing to get Bruce Wayne to it´s court, they not only want him dead, but also want Batman dead. This was not only a great story to add to the Gotham mythos itself, but it was also an emotional story to where we go back to the Batman tragedy and to his deep motives for the crusade, this is one of the few scenarios that we see Batman almost loosing it, since he reached both his physical and mental limits while taking down this menace.

I think this villain society would work in a future Batman because it touches so much about Batman, about Bruce and about Gotham, and also since we already saw so much of the amazing League of Assassins in both the big and small screen, let´s have a new evil, mysterious organazation.

Ah the Riddler…. My favourite Batman villain after the Joker himself. Not only The Riddler is was one of the oldest but also one of the best known villains of Batman career. Riddler aka Edward Nygma was first introduced in Detective Comics 140 (1948) created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang. Edward Nygma is a man with a big level of IQ, and though he is mostly smooth and eager to a minds clash, trough the years he shows that he had developed obsessive compulsive behaviors. The Riddler is known a lot by leaving riddles, puzzles and other kind of mind games for the police and Batman to investigate in order to find him. It´s like a big game of cat and the mouse.

I really love this villain, he is awkardly funny, he loves to talk to himself, hacking stuff, hold a city hostage etc. And yes the Riddler already entered two times to the big screen, one in the Adam West tv show and another in Batman Forever and to be honest i never liked both the roles because they were a too much jokerish giving a bad impression of the potencional of a rich characther. So far his best version is none other than the Riddler from the Arkham Games, which is my favouite characther of the entire franchise.

He is those villains that should appear in a epic, final clash and not during the film, he should be hiding just communicating with Batman and sending him challenges. It would have been perfect for a take close to the one he has in the Arkham games and with a question mark painted in gotham wall shown in the first comic com trailer, a guy can hope that he will eventually show up.

Poison Ivy is another favourite of mine. Just like the Riddler, she already has appeared once on the big screen in Batman and Robin!!!!!! Uma Thurman is a good actress and to what she showed to us, she could actually protrayl well enough the vicious and femme fatalle Poison Ivy, but the whole movie and the script was so wrong and so f…ked up, it´s just plain wrong!!!! God dammit!!! Fu…ing horrible movie!!!

Anyhow let´s return back to the subject Poison Ivy aka Pamela Isley was and still is today on of my favourite villanesses of DC Comics. First introduced in Batman 181 and created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, Pamela Isley was a botanical scientist who love plants more than humans, always worried by their well being and participating in diferente researchs and campaigns to protect the environment and the ecosystems. One day she would meet her fate after being tossed down in a group of toxics and chemicals by a scientist who wanted to kill her. But instead of dying, Pamela return now known as the deadly Poison Ivy. She is considered to be an eco terrorist, that usually likes to poison Gotham or to seek revenge on people and corporations who have been destroying the globe. She has a lot of different powers and habilities such as controlling plant life, being immune to all toxins, viruses and bactérias as well has mind control that can be effective via gas or kiss. Her kiss can not only mind control and largely atracted the oponente but can actually kill. And not only that but she is a strong, independent woman who is a scientist, so she has a lot of brains to go with that amazing sexy body of hers.

Since this Batman his more approached to a comic book Batman, i am hoping he can actually fight super powered people, so i think Ivy will be a good candidate, also we have Harley Quinn which has a strong and personal relationship with Ivy so it´s an extra.

This is the third and last time that i´m going to put a villain that was already made once onto the big screen and that´s none other than Mr.Freeze.

Mr.Freeze aka Victor Freeze was created by Bob Kane, David Wood and Sheldon Moldoff, the characther appeared for the first time in Batman 121(1959). In his beggings Mr. Freeze was first called Mr.Zero and he usually was wearing a green and pink suit with his cold gun, only in future he begans to use the more cool and well know cryogenic suit. Times pass and they made this characther became far more interesting. We can see that in the amazing and nostalgic Batman The Animated Series in which Victor Freeze was a scientist who works for GothCorp and in order to save his wife he decides to freeze her until he gets a cure of her disease. But when GothCorp director and security found about this they got Victor in his lab and at that moment he is suffers and experiments which changes his body forever. He can only live at sub zero temperatures and he is always know inside his cryogenic suit who protects him and keeps him alive, he also has a cold gun in which he uses to freeze and torture his enemies.

He is a very special Batman villain, because his crimes are all to save his wife Nora. Love move us all and Freeze is the prime exemple of that. In future Batman films, Freeze could be almost saving his wife and because of that he is more eager and desperate to take more villaneous actions. Not only that but he also is a super powered villain, he is very inteinteligent and with all the drama that motivates his characther, it could be a very interesting to have an emotinal clash with the Bat. I believe this will also redeem it´s characther for what a fu…ing desgrace we saw in Batman and Robin film!!!!! Goddanm!!!!!

Now this is a villain that possibly not many of you saw coming. Professor Pyg aka Lazlo Valentin was a very smart scientist but because of his schizofrenic break he created a new personality, Professor Pyg.

After that Pyg created the Circus of Strange that includes another known faces in comics like the villains Phosphorus and El Flamingo.

They began a tour trouoght the country and reports of missing people began. Pyg is an obsessive perfectionist that uses identity- destroying drugs and invasive surgery on his victims in which he gladly calls them his “Dolltrons”. Pyg was created by Grant Morrison and first debuted in Batman 666 in 2007. He was one of the new villains in Gotham City first confronted by the new Batman( Dick Grayson) and Robin(Damian Wayne). Inthe first storyarc he shows up Red Hood gets a female sidekick that once was tortured and transformed by Pyg.

During Morrison run on Batman he was seen a lot, being one of the most important villains since 200 until the new 52. Despite all the Batman villains being somewhat crazay and unique in their one way, Pyg can be funny and very scary at the same time. That´s something we mainly get only from the Joker.

Pyg is a good villain and i think he deserves a chance in a new film, make Batman going around and being a detective searching for clues in the bodies of the victims or at the spots he is seen doing crimes and since they are going to put Red Hood in the first Batman film( possibly) having Pyg and the Red Hood female sidekick in a second film would be amazing.

In a city full of theractical villains and colorful costumes, there are still crime bosses who like to do things in an old fashion way and one of them is none other than Black Mask aka Roman Sionis. Black Mask was first debuted in Batman 386(1985) created by Doug Moench and Tom Mandrake.

Roman Sionis was born in a very rich and wealthy family, but one day his parents were killed in a fire and as a consequence Sionis received the entire fortune. Because of his big taste of money he spent the entire fortune. After being saved by a buyout of Bruce Wayne, he hates him. Black Mask is one of the few villains that actually hates more Bruce Wayne than Batman and shares a lot with him making him a formidable villain. He is so fixed in revenge and masks Roman carven his father grave and creates a mask.

While confronting Batman he forever stayed with mask on his face since it was burned and joined his skin. Black Mask is an awesome crime boss and overall Batman villain with ties with Bruce making it a much more personal menace and though i like much more Penguin for this role, we already saw him in Adam West tv series, Batman Returns and now in Gotham tv series.

So for now, i think Mr.Cobblepot can rest and Sionis should appear. Not only that but he is the big boss of Gotham in the Under the Hood storyline so that is plus to set the characther who is so desperate to eliminate Red Hood he hires villains like Mr.Freeze, Amazo, Captain Nazi, Hyena, Deathstroke and ultimatly the Joker. In a potencial first Batman solo this could be perfect.

Professor Hugo Strange could potencially appear in Belle Reeve prison on 2016 Suicide Squad film, right guys? I really hope so, i would like to see him as the psychiatrist of the facility and having some sessions with the most notorious of villains like Joker etc. And he could have already a big obsession with Batman and though he may or not be a direct enemy, they sure could have “ a big talk” between him and Batman. He had a big role in the 2011 game Arkham City, but the villain is already really old and famous. Professor Hugo Strange was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane in Batman 1(1940) this villain is so old and classic like Catwoman and Joker. Strange is a psychiatrist who has been dealing in years with all sorts of criminal minds, but not only he studies tehm but also he does experiments on them. In time he have grown a large fascination and obsession with Batman, he studied his behaviors in years and even deduced his secret identity. In his career Strange has been creating criminal plots that includes genetics and mind control in order to defeat Batman. Once he achieves this goa lhe will want to become Batman himself.

Well guys in conclusion i will be happy to say it was a pleasure writing this article and sorry if i got some grammar error because this is not my first language. I would also like to say that i have a huge trust that Ben Affleck will do the most awesome Batman ever and he will a big and coll rougue galery in his movies.

And remeber this is just my opnion of the faces i would like to see in his future films of course i would love to see another take on Two Face, Catwoman, Penguin, Scarecrow, the League of Assassins and even see some other villains that could not fill this list because it will be too much, but just so you wanna know i would love to see Firefly,James Gordon Jr, Man Bat, Mad Hatter and Calender man. Thanks again guys i will try and write soon or what about give me a few ideas for lists or reviews, it would be awesome to get your support. Which villains woudl you like to see guys?

Thanks for your support and continue with good reads!


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