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I'm a huge fan of Christopher Nolan's Filmography.
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For some viewers who hadn’t read the book yet, which I hadn’t, well this is the fourth and last chapter of the wildly successful and phenomenal film series based on Suzanne Collin’s popular novels.

Here’s my four-star review of the emotionally rich and breathtakingly directed, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. Jennifer Lawrence has won an Oscar for her movie (Silver Linings Playbook) took Katniss from a shy teen enslaved in poverty to become the ‘’Girl on Fire’’ and now ‘’Mockingjay’’. The rebel fighter who led a small platoon of soldiers. Katniss is armed only with a bow and arrow and a spirit to bring down the Capitol and of course to assassinate the evil President Snow played by the superb Donald Sutherland.

Many people say, it's influenced by a Japanese Film (Battle Royale in 2001). But Hunger Games glows with intensity and spectacle all its own. Filled with great performances from A-list cast and with impressive blending of CGI and effects – One of the Best and successful Movies Lionsgate Films has ever distributed.

Kudos to Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), who’s been the weakest bit of casting in the first three installments. He’s been brainwashed to kill Katniss – But Hutcherson nailed his role this time. Also to Malone, Harrelson and Banks who’s been marvelous and unforgettable as Effie Trinket, the fashion eccentric and full of heart that reminds you so much of (Lady Gaga) who becomes one of Katniss’ allies. But their appearances are too briefly in the film, I must say.

Julianne Moore excels as President Coin, the leader of the people’s revolution and Philip Seymour Hoffman, who dies during filming but had completed most of his role as a Gamemaster Plutarch. But we heard his final words in a letter movingly read by Haymith(Harrelson).

One of the new faces in the bunch is the half-shaved head Cressida played by the stunning (Natalie Dormer). A videographer tasked with propagandizing the Mockingjay as the symbol of hope to the rebellion. I kept hoping she’d make it till the end, and she actually did!

Lawrence makes sure we see Katniss in her. Smart, Stubborn, Strong and Full of heart. Above all, she’s a kind of star you’d follow anywhere, which makes her the perfect Katniss. The Hunger Games has become nirvana for Movie lovers. It’ll be watched and loved by the next generation. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 will leave you breathless.

''We have never seen anything like this, and we'll never see anything like it again.''


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