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Here we are, two weeks!

There is still a lot of people calling for Luke Skywalker to be Evil Guy in hiding. I want to debunk this by theorizing from what has been provided by trailers and leaked pictures, as well as Star Wars Rebels storylines lately.

I realize a lot of you do not track everything going on out there for it is a lot of media and much is misleading. There was a leaked photo in full master Jedi garb a few months ago as well as Mark Hamels interviews read between the lines. Granted this is attempting to piece together fragments from all these sources but after I lay out each piece of info I ask you to google each and do your own puzzle.

Now here is the scavenger hunt list:

*Mark Hamel in costume photo

*Trailer of Cloaked figure with robotic hand on R2D2 buy what looks to be a fire (More on this following)

*Yodas charge to Luke to pass what he has learned - Training Jedi

*Star Wars Rebels episode about the Empire sending agents to kidnap force sensitive children to be trained as inquisitors (This is the key to it all. More on this)

*Family is central to this Saga!

*The Question of why Luke went away!

Now to the why and who and what's is to come!

A few years ago before this episode begins, something major happened in the time Luke began training Jedi.

I think the remnant of the empire inquisitors hunted down Luke's academy and a major fight took place and in the fight agents kidnaped young padawans and murdered many more. Luke thinking the new republic was safe from any threat the remnant presented. (Major mistake)

In the wake of this tragedy, he built a funeral pyre for the dead and he broke down (This is the scene he and R2 are in). He went into self exile because the leaders of the new senate blamed him for what they saw as failure on his part trusting their children to his teaching. And where did they empire take survivors? (7 to be the future knights of ren)

Now he trains is seclusion, per Yodas instruction (somewhere the dark side has left a shadow not to be detected by the Sith)

The ghost of his former masters still council the Jedi and he now knows the wisdom of only 1 master 1 padawan.

Luke has trained and are building in secret for a major strategy now know a greater Sith exists that is stronger than Palpatine or Vader included (Snoke)

The end we will learn that Rey will be the chosen one, not Finn (Misled to think he is the one because he has Luke's light saber)

The movie ends where Rey Solo accepts the knowledge she must complete her training and take on the burden of becoming a Jedi Knight and ends with her finding Luke and hands him the light saber!


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