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Hi guys, I'm back. It's been a while since my last article because truthfully, I really didn't have anything to really write about, but today I've decided to weigh in on the brand new Batman v. Superman trailer. I will talk about the the things I liked in this trailer, and the things that didn't work. I'm going to follow up a positive with a negative in a list to get an even balance. So let's get started and dive into the trailer

Positive: Action

Okay this trailer did show some really cool action scenes without giving away too much of the fight between Bats and Sups. There are some really cool shots that look straight from a comic book and I do have to give this trailer some props for that regard. We get to see a bit of the new batmobile fighting Superman and Batman in the batwing too.

Negative: The Batman voice

Okay this might seem like a minor nitpick, but when I heard the new batman voice, I had mixed feelings about this. When they had it playing without showing batman himself speaking, I thought it sounded kind of cool, but towards the end when he's speaking to Superman, it got me laughing. I can't decide if this is better than the Bale batman voice, but it certainly sounds just as strange. I was fine with it when it was coming from the robot suit Batman has but when its just him in a normal batman costume, I just found it weird.

Positive: The banter between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent

Wayne vs. Kent on Direct Tv Pay per view !
Wayne vs. Kent on Direct Tv Pay per view !

I dId enjoy in the beginning of the trailer when Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent call out each other's alter egos in the beginning of the trailer.I thought both of them had some valid points and it added more as to why they'd fight one another. I also like that joker reference, that was a nice little reference with the, "freaks dressed like clowns" line. Also I think batman won this argument calling Clark a hypocrite. Unfortunately this part catapults into the next fault I have with this trailer.

Negative: Lex Luthor

I like Jesse as a actor and he can be a riot in comedic roles, but I don't see him as Lex Luthor. I heard at one point that Brian Cranston was being considered for the role. I personally think mr. Cranston would've been a better choice from what I have seen from Breaking Bad, Cranston can do threatening and menacing right. Lex Luthor as he is now, just came off as laughable and not in a good way. I just looked at him and said "WTF are you doing?".

Positive: Batman's Perspective on Metropolis Destruction

I like this part of the trailer because it did establish Batman's reasoning behind why he distrust Superman and why he's prepared to go to war with him. Its nice to see the actions of a superhero through another's eyes. To be honest, to a common person, I wouldn't think Superman was all that heroic based on what happened. I mean it didn't really seem like he was doing a whole lot of protecting. It was more like he was just pummeling Zod into a pulp and not actually concerned with collateral damage to the city.

Negative: Doomsday

Take a deep breath, no I'm not saying Doomsday himself is a negative, quite the opposite I like Doomsday. But here are several problems I have with Doomsday being included in this film. First of all, he looks like the angry love child of the Abomination from Incredible Hulk and a live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. While yes I believe this is an early version of him, maybe right after he is created, it still doesn't look great. I don't usually scrutinize the C.G.I in a trailer, especially while this is 4 months out, but he's underwhelming and doesn't look great.

I believe as he fights the heroes he'll further mutate and (hopefully) towards the end he'll look more like classic Doomsday. So his design is one problem, another is the fact he's even in this movie. This reveal has confirmed exactly what I was afraid of ever since they tacked on the subtitle; this is a blatant rush to the Justice League to play catchup with the MCU. Now even when knowing that, I was still hoping this movie would be a good movie.

Now that they've shoehorned in Doomsday, a villain that I think should have his own movie, I'm worried this is going to be another Spider-Man 3 venom scenario. What I mean is, Doomsday is going to be tossed into this movie in the last fifteen minutes and basically is a throwaway villain and a plot device to get the trio to be a trio.

This isn't the Doomsday movie this is Batman v. Superman and this just feels forced into a movie that let's face it has enough characters as it is. Look I agree they need a central figure to cause everyone to unite, why not Lex Luthor? He's already in the movie they could've had him build a battle suit based on Kryptonian metal and tech leftover from Zod.

They should've saved Doomsday for Man of Steel 2 or hell even the Justice League movie.

This would be awesome too.
This would be awesome too.

Or you could somewhat set up Darkseid since he's probably going to be the main bad guy of the Justice League movie. You could have Lex discover an ancient machine from Darkseid's home. Lex gets Batman and Superman to fight and when he sees Batman can't win, he angrily reactivates the machine.

The machine should then backfire and go on a rampage forcing Sups and Bats to stop fighting and go stop it. Have them work together to protect the civilians, thus getting them to see each other as heroes instead of enemies. Then get them to fight this powered up robot and have Wonder Woman come in to save their asses so you can have the trio form.

You could then cleverly set up Darkseid by having Superman recognize some of the glyphs on the robot and find an entry in the archives of that ship of his and learn about Darkseid's planet.

The end credits scene could then tease Darkseid. I think this would be a much more satisfying way to get the trio together without throwing in a vital character from the comic books in and not do that particular character justice. I don't think Doomsday should be the villain.

He's coming for you...eventually.
He's coming for you...eventually.

Personally I wouldn't use Doomsday unless you were going to use the Death of Superman storyline, and I would've saved it for the final Man of Steel film. I would actually be surprised if Doomsday actually kills Superman in this movie, because I know DC isn't going to do that. So Doomsday is going to be a throwaway villain. I'm not going to lie, from the destruction sequences int he trailer, it looks like the showdown against him is going to be epic, but if they kill off Doomsday then he'll feel like a waste.

Negative: Trailer Spoiled Entire Movie

This gripe doesn't just apply to this movie, there are several offenders who do this, Terminator Genesis comes to mind. I feel like they just showed me a condensed 3 minute version of the damn movie. As much as I don't think Doomsday should be in this movie, I would've preferred that they didn't show him in the trailer. Imagine how much more surprised we all would've been to go in expecting just a face off between Batman and Superman and another bad guy and then have it revealed to be Doomsday. Now grant it the synopsis already said there was another threat but still, no one had confirmed that it was indeed Doomsday. So I would've been surprised if they kept it under wraps and we never saw him until I went into the theaters to see.

A good example on how to do a trailer is [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), the trailers honestly haven't told me much about the movie; I love them for this. We haven't really seen Luke Skywalker either and everyone keeps asking, where is Luke? This movie is a mystery going into it and I am refusing to look at any reviews or anything before I go see it because I want to be surprised.

Is he really a Skywalker?
Is he really a Skywalker?

With four months to go, I'm wondering what the hell else they're going to reveal in any more future trailers? Might as well show us three minutes of the battle while they're at it.

So overall, I'm not excited for this film. It will make a lot of money, because it has Batman and Superman, and even I will probably go see it just because it comes out on my birthday and I enjoy a good super-powered slug-fest. However I don't think this movie will be critically well received, I have a feeling it will be DC's equivalent of Spider-Man 3 or Amazing Spider-Man 2, but worse. Why worse, because they're attempting to shoehorn in way too many characters into one film. I'm worried they're too concerned with setting up a cinematic universe than making sure this movie is great and has natural pacing, like again what happened with Amazing Spider-Man 2.

So those are my thoughts, on this trailer and my current opinion of the film as a whole. For the record if you are excited for this movie, then please do not let any criticism I have against the movie get in the way of your enjoyment, and I sincerely hope this movie is everything you want it to be and more. Please leave your own thoughts and opinions on this film and the points and suggestions I've raised.


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