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So last night I watched Supergirl Episode 6. For those that haven't seen it yet then you should prob stop reading as there is a big old spoiler coming your way in the next few lines.

Sammy the Spoiler Squirrel is your last chance...

Still here, ok then.

During the episode Kara is up against Red Tornado. I had been warned by a friend of mine that the effects for Red Tornado were not the best. I had said that I would wait until I had watched it myself before passing any judgement. I did like the way that the robot looked but as soon as he used his powers it kinda fell apart for me.

I was a bit gutted as I thought that the effects in previous episodes had been really clever and the way that they have dealt with the flying and Kara's other powers have been really good. As I say I was starting to feel a bit gutted as I have really high hopes for this show. Then something happended that made me change that thought all together.

I'm talking about the scene where Kara destroys Red Tornado by using her heat vision. Whats that I hear you say, thats not that impressive. You're right, it doesn't sound that impressive but the way the scene was done is one of my favourite things I've seen done on recent TV shows. 2nd place being the episode of Flash when he travelled back in time to the night his mother died, Grant Gustin is fantatstic in that scene. The little but when his future self sees his past self and tells him to stay hidden with a shake of the head, my jaw was on the floor.

Anyway back to Supergirl and that ending, take a look for yourself.

I loved everything about the way that this was done. From the music that was playing throughout the scene, to the fact that there is no dialouge until after Red Tornado is destroyed. But, most of all, I love the way that Melissa Benoist acts it out.

We are used to seeing Kara be either really geeky and clumsy in her normal job and then a bit more confident as Supergirl. What we get to see is Kara letting all the anger out that has been building up. That must have been a difficult but also fulfilling scene to film. I can only imagine that Miss Benoist was exhausted after doing it. Its not very often that we get to see superheroes letting fly with everything that they have and this gives us a taster of not only what Supergirl could be capable of, but also what Melissa Benoist can do. Hopefully there will be plenty of episodes coming up where we get to see some more of that rage being let loose.

This did make me think of a clip from Justice League Unlimited where Superman is fighting Darkseid and he lets fly with everything he has. Take a look at it below, its a great scene.

In closing I just want to say that I'm really enjoying Supergirl and I'm very happy that they have been given a full season and can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

Now Mr Berlanti, where are we on the crossover with The Flash?

Thats all for now.

See you soon.


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