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To start, "The Chosen," directed by Ben Jehoshua, has a super interesting concept.

In this film’s universe, the demon Lilith threatens to steal the souls of children, but a member of the family is given six days to offer six other souls to the demon in place of the child. The kicker? The six replacements need to be blood-relations of the child in questions. So already, I’m digging the conflict of "The Chosen." Would you kill six members of your family to save one? Our main protagonist, Cameron (Kian Lawley) has to make this decision to save his niece, Angie (Mykalya Sohn). Cameron enlists the help of Angie’s mother, Caitlin (Angelica Chitwood), as well.

While the film had some technically awkward scenes – mostly the awkwardness stemmed from the use of CGI – I think the story had some promise. The aspect of the story I really enjoyed was the inner conflict within Cameron to sacrifice the other members of his family. When we are first introduced to the family, most of them are so awful/annoying that we are waiting for Cameron to off them. But then, Cameron’s useless drunk of an uncle, Joey (Chris Gann), starts to actually care about the family, making it harder for Cameron to kill him. When I imagine myself in this situation, I figured that’s about how it would go, I would have my sacrifices decided, and then they would do something sweet or kind, and I wouldn’t be able to go through with it. This really added another layer to the overall conflict.

The ending was fairly predictable, without giving too much away, as Cameron and Caitlin run out of family members to get rid of, you figure one or both of them will have to be sacrificed to save Angie.

Compared to some of the horror films Netflix has to offer, I think horror fans could do a lot worse than "The Chosen." It was definitely worth the watch, and with a little help in the graphics department, I think this could have been an even better film.

Watch the trailer for "The Chosen" below!


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