ByPedron J Lopez, writer at

Like any true Star Trek fan I am completely ecstatic that the franchise is making a comeback! I think this article encompassed many interesting and relevant ideas which in my opinion would make the new TV series relevant yet true to the Star Trek philosophy. The number one thing when it comes to Star Trek is never forgetting Gene Roddenberry vision of a more inclusive and hopeful future. Mr. Roddenberry’s ability to tackle controversial topics which challenged the viewer to reflect on their own moral and ethical beliefs should be a standard for any Star Trek series. As the author of this article suggests this is an ideal time to have a positive hopeful series, “not a perfect universe” just one that doesn’t end in total inhalation. I also agree that any new Star Trek series should always push to be diverse as Mr. Roddenberry would have wanted with a cast including disabled and LGBT characters. If I could have my way I would want the new Star Trek series to be more like The Next Generation or Voyager and less like DS9. I never enjoyed the soap opera feel of DS9 there was too much emphasis on characters and the Star Trek message was lost. I strongly believe that the new series should income our daily news headlines and somehow incorporate that into each episode. Such as climate change, terrorism and discrimination.


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