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Based on the characters created by Charles M. Schulz, The Peanuts Movie centers on the famously unlucky Charlie Brown as he attempts to reinvent himself to impress the red headed girl who just moved in across the street.

The inspiring aspect of Charlie Brown is that no matter how clumsy he is, how unlucky life can seem for him, he never stops trying, and that's a major part of why I adored The Peanuts Movie so much. When a young red headed girl moves in across the street, Charlie sees an opportunity to make a great first impression, but can never summon up the courage to go and talk to her.

At the same time as this, Charlie's faithful sidekick Snoopy the dog is writing a love story in which he's a fighter pilot trying to save his true love from the infamous red baron. What's so great about Snoopy's story is that we get to see what he's imagining when he's writing this story, it's the most visually impressive aspect of the film.

On the subject of visuals, now seems like the perfect place to talk about how beautiful The Peanuts Movie is. It's unlike any animated film this year and every frame feels classic backed up with the iconic Peanuts score. The visuals are so unique, it adopts a 3D style but all the characters and settings look hand drawn which makes it feel like Peanuts.

What impresses me most about this film is that it teaches kids some good lessons. It's not just a visually pleasing film, but one with something to say. Things are often sprinkled into the dialogue which kids will hopefully pick up on, and there's some good lessons in there for kids to listen to.

I love that The Peanuts Movie didn't attempt to overly modernize the story. Charlie Brown and Snoopy are classic characters so you won't see Charlie playing on an iPhone or on an Xbox, he goes and flies a kite, plays Ice Hockey with the neighborhood kids and writes his homework with a pencil and paper. Because of this I feel The Peanuts Movie has a timeless quality to it, this is a film that could have been released in the 90's or in 20 years from now and it would have the same affect that it does today.

The film isn't overly ambitious but no one was expecting it to be. It's an easily watchable, visually stunning and heartwarming animated film with great characters that will make you laugh and real lessons for children. I loved every minute of The Peanuts Movie and whilst it isn't my favorite animated film of the year, it's a close second. I highly recommend it!

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