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I love movies, literature, and just about every creative outlet there is. Here I am to test my skills at writing about movies.

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming up, it got me reminiscing on the great legacy Star Wars has left upon not one generation, but several. I was born in '91, but remember watching the movies with great glee. It is the same with many of my friends who were not born during the initial years the movies were first produced.

Star Wars is perhaps one of the most widely recognized film franchise of all times. Even for those who do not like it (they actually exist), they know what film you refer to when you say, "May the Force be with you," or say a proverb backwards in a voice that sounds like you're eating something you really like. It also was a history lesson, as it portrayed the fall of democratic Rome and the rise of the Roman Empire. It is also laced with medieval themes of chivalry, knighthood (Jedi Knight), and princesses. This isn't to mention the film takes elements from Taoism and Zoroastrianism, looking at the Light and Dark Side of the Force.

Having said all this...

As a writer and lover of insane plot twists, I began thinking what the greatest plot twist in all of cinematic history would be. Answer? Imagine a close-up view of Yoda's face saying the words, "Defend the Dark Side, I must."

Please, don't stone me.

For the sake of nerdism and fun, let me explain the meaning and purpose of Yoda being a Sith Lord.

Yoda is irrefutably the greatest Jedi in all of the galaxies and has trained several other Jedis in his long and illustrious career. Let's say that before Episode One events came about, Jedi Master Yoda was the greatest Master of the Dark Side. Through events not covered in the original Star Wars, he gets ousted and goes to the Light Side to become (of course) the masterful Jedi Master we all know and love.

While everyone was believing Anakin was the answer to the Prophecy, Yoda knew he was not. In his masterful way, Yoda was going to train up the Chosen One to kill the Sith Lord and leave the spot empty for Yoda to conveniently occupy. Anakin was not the one to do this, so Yoda knew he was not to be trained. In fact, Count Dooku had gone to the Dark Side as planned but was unable to do what Yoda had intended for him to do.

Once Yoda met Luke Skywalker, son of Anakin, he knew this was the one to do his bidding. However, before his revenge could be taken upon the Empire, he met his unfortunate demise.


Should the Author be stoned?


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