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Imagine a movie that is a cross between, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Gremlins, and Friday the 13th, and you've got Krampus.

Krampus, is a Horror comedy. The film works well as both a comedy and a horror, being both funnier and scarier than a number of comedies and horror movies to come out in recent years. The characters in Krampus are surprisingly likable at times, especially Adam Scott's character.

Adam Scott (who's most known for comedies, and is now playing a more serious role in the movie) gives a surprisingly great performance, as a father protecting his family from an unimaginable situation. As much as I like Adam Scott in his more comedic roles (such as in Hot Tub Time Machine 2) I would like to see him play more serious roles like this in the future. The rest of the cast is also great, some of the characters, start off kind of annoying, but as the film goes on they start to become more likable, and you start to rooting for them. This gives the film more tension, when you actually care about the characters.

Krampus, however is not without it's faults. The biggest one being, that we don't get to see enough of Krampus himself. Their is a general rule that less is more, a rule that, when it comes to monster movies, I tend to agree with. However Krampus is an exception to that rule, as i wish we could have seen more of him, the movie is called Krampus after all. And at times it seemed like it didn't know what tone it was going for, if it wanted to be funny or scary.

But in the end of the day, I will just say this. If you like the movie Gremlins, you'll like Krampus.

Happy Holidays.


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