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Hey guys, my names Ryan. As an avid comic book nerd, weirdo, and all around film enthusiast of all genres as well as an aspiring writer I thought what a better outlet to get some of these topics out then right here in the heart of it all.

I go to the movies roughly 2-4 times a week. Easily more then anyone I know. I love it, from the popcorn to the trailers right down to the fact that most cinemas now have in house bars. Tis truly a great time to be alive. But going to all these movies I really let myself get immersed into these films. I am completely and utterly incapsulated by the stories and i know this may be an unpopular opinion but I can't remember the last time I saw a "bad" movie. And i say that with a very certain thought process. I suppose in every movie I see that is considered "bad" or "unwatchable" I change my personal perspective of it. Usually when I see a bad movie i want it to be terrible because its almost funny at that point.

I guess I just have a way of seeing a silver lining in the film industry and appreciate all of the hard work that goes into these projects. Before seeing any movie I will admit I skim through rotten tomatoes to see the reviews. Granted a negative review has and never will deterred me from seeing a movie, but an extremely low score will guarantee it be on my watch list. The newest hitman movie had terrible reviews but they were hilarious. At first, I wasn't in dire need to see it but after seeing how much people hated it, it became top on my list. I have never laughed harder at a movie that was in no way shape or form a comedy. It was a TERRIBLE movie(sorry for bashing it so hard) but I had an absolute wonderful time watching it because I made the best out of it.

I just think as a whole as consumers we need to stop over analyzing every little constantly over thought of every detail of these movies and just stop to enjoy them once in a while. I think if you went into a movie and just enjoyed it for what it is without dissecting every last scene that the experience in itself would be that much better. If a movies good, enjoy it. If its bad, appreciate what was good about it, and laugh at the rest.

Tonight I'm going to see Krampus. I don't have high hopes for it by any means, but it looks like its going to be so bad, and cheesy that will ultimately be entertaining. I think thats the biggest thing that we've lost sight of recently. We are so concerned on whether a movie is good or bad, that we have lost sight of the main idea of film in general. Were we entertained? Did we for an hour or two lose ourselves to the story. That bill we've been putting off, was it on your mind once while you were watching the zombies that were very clearly fake chase the protagonist that you didn't care much about because his character had no development and his lines were cheesy? Probably not because more then half of the films budget was blown on explosions and action. Sometimes a movie doesn't have to speak to your heart. Every picture isn't going to be oscar worthy and full of Tarantino like dialogue.

Sometimes you just need a goofy feel good action stacked pile of dynamite to distract you from real life for a little bit. For some people droning away in the world of the mundane thats all I... er, WE, have.

I'm debating on whether or not to start doing weekly reviews of the films I saw where in the absolute best way I want to either give them praise or rip them to shreds because some of the funniest things I've ever written on the internet has been shit reviews of people who just want their $10 back.

Either way I'll definitely be posting more on here

Thanks Everyone.

Your friendly neighborhood asshole.


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