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You're job isn't to out-monster the monster, but instead, to check out the trailer for what could become one of the most memorable action-movies of 2016. Triple 9 has become one of the most anticipated films of next year, and there's definitely alot to look forward to based on the trailers and promos that have been released thus far. The film is directed by John Hillcoat, an undisputed master of intense dramas and gritty action-movies. His next project could very well have you on the edge of your seat, and that's just was his fans want.

Here's the plot synopsis:

The film follows a group of criminals and corrupt cops who find themselves in serious trouble. The Russian mafia is blackmailing them, and the only way to deal with them is to perform what is believed to be an extremely challenging heist. Impossible as it may seem, however, they eventually hatch a plan: on one side of town, half of the crew will plan the murder of a rookie cop named Chris Allen (Casey Affleck), and while the rest of the force is distracted by a 999 call ("officer down"), the other half of the corrupt cops will pull off the job.

The film's initial premise sounds about as interesting as it could possibly be. Police corruption and corruption of civil servants has been a topic of discussion for some time following incidents in the past and recent events that have spilled over into protests and riots. The idea of focusing on cops who are naturally corrupt, but are forced into committing a crime that could put law enforcement on their scent trail is both interesting and eye-opening. You have to wonder how and why these characters became corrupt in the first-place, or if they have any redeeming qualities that make them sympathetic. Of course, on the other hand, you have a rookie-cop protagonist who becomes targeted as distraction for criminals to commit a crime, so you may feel more for this character when he tries to foil the heist and bring his would-be killers in or simply bring them down.

Now, let's talk about that cast. This cast is a dream come true for a number of movie-lovers because there are so many big names occupying this film that it makes it nearly impossible to contain any excitement that they feel compelled to display. This cast has Kate Winslet as the bad guy, and from the trailers she's as cold and ruthless as you would expect. You also have names such as Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Aaron Paul, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, and Norman Reedus rounding out the cast. Given the genre-category this falls under, the cast, and the hype surrounding the film after the first trailer dropped, it's safe to say that the box-office will be a walk in the park.


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