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Who doesn't love Pulp Fiction and a confused Vincent Vega? The Internet has erupted with GIF mashups of Vega in various scenes and locations. It is unclear who started this hilarious new trend, but whoever they are, this is genius. Mashups are nothing new, but these may be some of the best on the Internet. Please enjoy these "confused Vincent Vega/John Travolta" GIFs; here are some of the best.

Page Error

Who hasn't felt like this when that screen pops up?

Holiday Shopping

We have all been there; trying to find that perfect gift only to be swallowed by a sea of confusion and discouragement.

Where Did My Money Go?

You spent the day shopping and you come home to an empty wallet with shopper's denial. Who hasn't been there?

Take on Vega

How do you make an '80s music video better? Add a confused Vincent Vega.

Vega vs. Jason

Vega's got moves like Voorhees.

What Pizza Do You Suggest?

This is how everyone feels when it comes to ordering pizza. "What do you want on it?" "I don't care, whatever you want." "Well, I want what you want." We all know that song and dance.

Alien Vega

This is one of my favorites. The chest burst is awesome!

'Fallout' Meets 'Pulp Fiction'

The Fallout games are awesome, but this just makes them so much better.

The Walking Vega

He really knows how to blend into a crowd.... of walkers. It is kind of scary how similar he looks to them.


Hip Hop can be pretty confusing at times. I have often felt this way watching some of the dance crazes that have come out of the genre.

Luke, You're My Only Hope

The Star Wars films can be a bit confusing at times. C-3PO's reaction in the film makes this one so much funnier.

Anyone Need a Hand with the Snow?

How most of us feel in the winter time, 3 feet of snow, nobody willing to help push it and no idea where to start.

Where's the Rebel Scum?

I laughed way too hard at this one. They should remaster the film and replace the Stormtooper with Vincent Vega.

I could watch these all day. Seriously, thank you to whoever started this; this is the funniest thing to hit the Internet since "cats afraid of cucumbers". I hope these never end, please bring on more confused Travolta in more random locations or scenes. If you aren't laughing at these, you have no soul (or sense of humor).


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