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If you haven't heard, the new show on Cartoon Network "Steven Universe" has become very popular.So I have made a theory about "Steven Universe", ENJOY!!!!!

So if you have watched the show "Steven Universe", Steven is part human-part gem. his father (Greg Universe) is a human but on the other hand, Steven's mom (Rose Quartz) is a gem. But as we move on in the show fans have discovered that Steven's mother died giving birth to Steven.But is Rose really dead?

Fans have speculated that there is a possibility that Rose has took on the form of Steven's beloved pet Lion.It is possible that Rose could have shape-shifted into lion, we know that gems can shape shift due to Amethyst and Garnet's constant shape-shifting abilities.

But Supervising Director of "Steven Universe" Ian Jones-Quartey says that Rose shape-shifted a womb in order to give birth to Steven.So this means that Rose probably changed into Lion on purpose.Or when Rose gave birth to Steven in her womb half of her went into Steven making her shape-shifting abilities malfunction making her form a lion.Unable to change out of a lion, Rose ran away to find her healing pool to heal her powers.Unfortunately, in her lion form she could not open her garden leaving her trap as a lion forever, or really?

It could be possible that if Steven dies that Rose will form back into a human-like form because half of Rose is Steven making her able reform.But Rose will not be as strong as she was before because her other half is in lion.

So what do you think? Do you think Rose is Lion? tell me and have a good one!!!!!

P.S who is your favorite gem (mine is Sapphire)


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